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She Almost Killed My Children !!

On Monday, the 24th of January 2022, Mary Joseph(45), a mother of three boys from the centurion, who is a health worker at Tembisa hospital almost killed her children by poisoning their food. Following  having difficulties with accepting the divorce with her husband of 24 years.”On the morning of Monday of January, I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like I could just take my life and my children ‘s lives so I could end the pain. Getting a divorce is not something I thought I could ever experience. , I loved him wholeheartedly I don’t see me and my children living without him. How I am going to take care of these children my salary is not enough. I gave him my life,  missed opportunities, and submitted to him.

Being the talk of the town, at work the colleagues having tea with my name I thought the world could just open and swallow me. I wasn’t coping at all, alcohol was the only thing that I could hide behind. I had depression I would lock myself in the room switch off my phone and isolate myself from anyone who loved me. Then from there, I had suicidal thoughts. I tried to commit suicide twice before but I failed. Then on that morning, I thought to myself I kill myself only my children will suffer so it was gonna be much better to kill all of us. Just a few hours after we had the food we started to have stomach cramps and our neighbors saw us that’s when she called an ambulance “ said, Joseph.

Thomas Graig, Joseph’s neighbor  “ I heard weird sounds that’s when I went to the house to check Mary and her children. The moment I entered the room I saw them struggling to breathe and holding their stomach then  I called an ambulance”.Lesly Joseph (15), Joseph‘s son told the publication that “I have never seen my mom like that, vicious and always shouting. For a moment I thought she hated us for what our father did. If we made mistakes she will say “oh typically your just like your father “.Joseph‘s family started therapy shortly after the incident. Johanna Williams, a therapist at Tembisa hospital said ”it is very normal for people to feel overwhelmed or depressed when going through different stages of life. We wish people could talk about what they are going through especially when going through difficult times you need friends and family to help you through any situation you find yourself in.

We must never be shy to go through hurtful things in life, bottling up doesn’t help but cause more damage. anyone must come to us to get counseling is free of charge we are here to help anyone. They can contact us on 011 234 4837”.According to an AARP study,28% of people aged 40 and up experience depression following their divorce, so it's as far more common than most people may think. Studies have found a greatly increased rate of depression for those going through a divorce and those completing the divorce

According to the research rates of women committing suicide during divorce in South Africa are below just 10 compared to men where there are 37 per 100,000 population. The search furthermore shows that they are fewer similar cases of women committing suicide during their marriages or divorce but most men do that.

“It was the most horrible moment of my life seeing my children lying there lifeless. I have learned to never bottle things up and accept any situation that I have no control over. To other women who are going through a divorce like me, I wish you the strength to overcome time hurtful process of your lives” Joseph.

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