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Summer 2022: Where To Travel With The Pandemic

Since 2020, traveling during COVID-19 has become a challenging task, especially with all the health restrictions. What if summer 2022 changes?

Many countries have started to reopen their borders, for either vaccinated or non-vaccinated people. It might increase the number of people traveling and probably even more since the pandemic started. People want to change their minds; because who would not want to go on a vacation or escape themselves after almost two long year without being able to go anywhere. According to “Travel + Leisure,” international travel has started to ramp up again.  Especially with the world’s most powerful economic power, the U.S reopening its border, leads other people from different countries traveling all around the world.


The best destination you are looking for

According to the website “tourdumondiste”, some countries have changed their restrictions. It published a lengthy list with the latest updates about the restrictions for each country. If you feel like a trip to Europe, Belgium, for example, has removed all travel restrictions. However, in Malta, some restrictions have remained the same, but with slight changes. For instance, people under twelve do no longer need to present a COVID test.

If Asia is a continent that attracts you better, a few countries have changed their restrictions, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Indonesia, etc. Although Japan still has strict restrictions, when they will reopen their borders starting from the 10th of June, but only for an organized group of people and with a limit of 20 000 visitors per day. Nevertheless, it is news that will still make a large number of people visiting Asia. In Israel, for example, it is no longer required to present a COVID test.

Yet, some countries such as the United States or Australia, are only accepting people presenting a vaccination certificate, and a COVID test.


How to easily get such information

As it will be impossible to enumerate all the countries, the website, which stands for “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” offers simple and easy to read travel Recommendations by destination with a world map to help you have an overview. Others app might be helpful as well, such as, Travel.State.Gov or COVID Controls.

Overall, some countries might be easier to get in, but vaccinated or not, having a COVID test or not, you will always find the perfect destination for your vacation alone, with friends, or in family.


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