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Surge in covid 19 results in shortage of food in China

The current covid situation in china is devastating. Residents are fighting for food and basic amenities as severe restrictions are being put to curb this wave of covid – 19.

China had reported two times more new COVID-19 cases as the country faces, by far, the biggest outbreak since the pandemic began.

In the wake of the rapid resurgence of the Covid-19 case, Zhang Wenhong, a well-known Shanghai-based infectious disease specialist, said Beijing should seize the opportunity to develop an anti-epidemic strategies.

He made these remarks in a post on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo. He said that it is "the most difficult period" for China since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The two largest cities, Shenzhen and Shanghai, have imposed strict measures. The city of Shanghai is currently experiencing a food crisis. Residents are not able to collect meat, rice, vegetables. The entirety of Shanghai is now under lockdown after a previous attempt to shut the city down partly failed to contain a growing COVID-19 outbreaks .

Some residents are now under lockdown for more than three weeks, including minor lockdowns in certain areas. In China, lockdowns are stricter than in many other countries: it can lead to a complete ban on anyone leaving home for a meal every few days or being restricted to one trip.

The city has decided to test the masses. All residents were asked to perform a PCR test and to isolate themselves at a facility even if there were no symptoms.

A large number of asymptomatic cases have been uncovered which is responsible for most of the cases in the country due to mass examinations.

Despite the strict restrictions, Shanghai residents have only one thing on their minds – food.

Earlier they were able to get food supplies and packages from commercial services or the government during the lockdown but the city has never faced a situation where food is not available to the family.

Supermarket shelves are empty, government delivery is inadequate and commercial services are completely overwhelmed.

Shanghai residents say online groceries are often sold out. Some have received food packages from the government for a few days but now there seems to be no hope for them.

Zhang Yu, 33, said her household of eight eats three meals a day but has cut back to noodles for lunch. They got no government supplies.

“It's not easy to keep this up,” said Zhang, who starts shopping online at 7 a.m.

“We read on the news there is (food), but we just can't buy it,” she said. “As soon as you go to the grocery shopping app, it says today's orders are filled.”

The food scarcity is so severe that residents are trying to make the best out of what they have caused food poisoning. They are looking for tips online to make vegetables last longer and use food that is past its expiry date.

Unofficial shops have sprung up by people who had stocked up on food essentials during the winter.

It is unclear why the lockdown that was imposed has been ineffective. One of the reasons could be inconsistency with delivery services and shops uncertain of when the rules may change from one day to another.

The desire to keep the city isolated has also caused fewer people to come into the city and the ones who do come are isolated for 2 weeks. Drivers are demanding extra pay that the city is unable to meet at the moment.

Amid food fights, the city also took back its most controversial decision to isolate and separate children from their unaffected parents if they tested positive for covid – 19.

Even though china’s zero policy was earlier accepted by the residents as well as praised by other nations, it seems to have created a sour spot in the minds of people as they wrestle for basic amenities. Food and water. Despite that, the policy is said to be in place as the government has no plans of abandoning it.


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