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The Canadian Truckers Protest

It is difficult to comprehend that there is nearly 50 per cent of South Asian Truckers in Toronto and Vancouver.

Ottawa remained hamstrung by protest against the pandemic expedients for approximately 2 weeks. It led to barricade roads temporarily with the convocations being perpetual to resonate beyond Canada. The intersecting borders and impersonating convoys are being cut off spreading to New Zealand and Australia. The protestors targeted the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit which is 469 miles away from Ottawa and also a crucial link for the automobile industry relying on steady shuttling components and parts across the border to keep factories bustling in US and Ontario.

The South Asian Truckers are a rare sight at the Freedom convoy which is why one question that is lingering in the minds of common people is why haven’t the South Asians barrelled up if the protestors requisitions are that important for the truckers? According to data from the Canadian Trucking Alliance support, it displayed that almost 90 per cent of the truckers and their families were vaccinated beforehand. Regardless of the fact of being vaccinated, hundreds of truckers on 29 January 2022 from across Canada came all the way to protest against the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The social media post stated the timing and avenue for the protest restrictions by the pandemic in the US which may start from Sacramento and end in Washington DC. But until any official announcement, the details of the convoy were not vocalized. Telegram chat groups of the anti-vaccine apostles have been formed who are trying to gather supplies for the truckers as they pass. Rallying truckers hindered private vehicles and trucks constraining them to take elongated detours causing traffic which led the Border Service Agency to enumerate the bridge as “closed”. The residents claimed the atmosphere to be tense especially when thousands of protestors ascended upon the midtown core of the city forcing enterprises to shut down. Due to nonstop honking residents were unable to sleep for over a week and many businesses have also been shuttered down losing millions of dollars.

The Deta Analytics Tool had reported the Truckers Convoy that accumulated more than 2 million interactions over the past few weeks. Privately devoted groups have been amassing members since the start of it. Several groups associated with the convoy for violating rules have been removed. Over the past few weeks, the activists are trying to mobilize and assist the convoy of Truckers in the US. Numerous international support rallies through online campaigns have been held for the demonstrations in Wellington and Canberra. It has also spread in other Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. The country is facing an inadequacy of 20,000 drivers approximately of which 3 percent of the industry is made up of women. The Trucking Alliance planned a social media campaign last December to entice a young and distinctive set of drudgers.

 Along with the Freedom Convoy unremitting, the demands of the marchers have also advanced. They are now calling for the abdication of the PM and muzzling mobilizing cries in the name of Truth and Freedom. The major stepping back chunk of the industry like the South Asians, are uttering that if the protest is not compendious and focused on the lives of the truckers, the rally will lose its value and they won’t achieve anything after all the efforts they have put.









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