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The COVID Crisis: Will We Go Back “Normal”?

The COVID-19 Pandemic affected us all. Some of us lost friends and loved ones, while others stayed dormant in their houses with fear and determination from catching this pandemic. Some of us even got the virus or its relative, the new strand.

In the United States, deaths have slowly climbed. However, most Americans have now been vaccinated or infected which has built up their immune system. That doesn’t mean there’s a stop to unaffected people. Older people have been the most affected by COVID. Vaccinated people are at a lower risk than unvaccinated people.

According to the JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data (2022), there have been over six million deaths due to the virus. There have also been over five hundred million COVID cases. On average, COVID is killing an average of three hundred people each day.

Around three-quarters of US adults now report being vaccinated. Children the age of five are now eligible for vaccines. As of January 3, 2022, ninety percent of the population older than twelve years old were fully vaccinated. Things seem to be going back to normal, at least theirs a huge sense of optimism that things are going back to how they used to be. But will that be the case?

The pandemic has changed the way millions of people have thought and put more consideration into daily actions. However, with the new variants out there, the public has accepted the possibility that regular booster shots may be expected. The CDC has published studies on the effectiveness of the COVID booster shots, with a seventy-eight percent effectiveness in protecting against COVID-19 hospitalization.

It’s been two years since the first COVID outbreak. Lives have changed for everyone. Masks restrictions have been mandatory and then finally optional. Vaccinations are being pushed to be administered to everyone. Students faced a remote experience with their learning experience and academics transforming to a online platform. The employment rate plummeted to nearly fifteen percent during the beginning weeks of the outbreak, now at four percent.

There will always be a fear of a pandemic. Some will continue to wear their masks and social distance. New variants of the virus can also bring a halt to the world returning to that “normal”. The number of deaths related to COVID leaves us all with a personal connection to it. There will always be a halt and hesitation due to our connection to the virus.

Instead of returning to the normal we once were accustomed to, we have adapted and it has become the “new normal”. Students have returned to schools with either minor restrictions on social distancing or none at all. Events are now opening once again, concerts starting up, stores and restaurants are opening their dining rooms, and countries opening up their travel restrictions.

The public has recognized that there will be a transition to things returning as it was before. Some things might never be the same as pre-pandemic life.  Will masks be required again in the public? Will the economy have a lasting effect due to the heavy demand for resources because of COVID? Will the country shut down again? Will the vaccine become mandatory?

There is no way to really how things will change regarding the new variant, however, we at least know what to expect after the beginning of COVID. 

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