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The Dark Side of Article 377 and the Acceptance of LGBTQIA Community in India: Facts to Know!

"History owes an apology to the members of this community and their families, for the delay in providing redressal for the ignominy and ostracism that they have suffered through the centuries. The members of this community were compelled to live a life full of fear of reprisal and persecution,"
Indu Malhotra


People all around India have shown their support for the Supreme Court's decision to decriminalize homosexuality. This ruling has sparked a debate over homosexuality in society, with many people wondering whether or not 377 was necessary.

In a landmark decision issued by India's High Court on September 6, 2018, homosexuality was decriminalized (Article 377 was scrapped), and India celebrated a day of equal privileges for the LGBTQ community. Activists were finally relieved after a long period of fighting unlawful activity.

Individuals of the LGBTQ local area commended all around the nation following quite a while of abuse and torment. The vast majority of them stated that this is just the beginning of a long and challenging journey ahead, as they intend to fight for more equal rights. Albeit the Preeminent Court has given out its decision and the residents will undoubtedly follow it; the social acknowledgment of the decision is as yet a questionable subject. 

While a large portion of the youth, regardless of their sexual orientation has joyfully acknowledged the choice. A significant part of the Indian population is still tolerant of the change. On the one hand, the world is celebrating this new opportunity is recognizing it. Films, events, and seminars are being conducted. However, there is a chance that some members of the general public are uninformed of this new development. In any case, there is still a "secretive" feeling about this problem among some people.

Today, these individuals are still examined and, in some cases, mocked. These people are positioned as a fantastic component or supplier of pleasure during the screen storyline, regardless of how few movies and visual projects we analyse.

These demands must be met, and this task aims to determine the social acceptance of this new shift and the inspiring tone it receives in Indian culture.

India has consistently been a ground of shock, but again the High Court astonished the residents by announcing that 'Homosexuality' is not wrongdoing in our country. Anyway, Indians proceeded with the modernization convention with the social acknowledgment of the part 377 decision for the LGBTQ people group. 

In addition, it gave the LGBTQ people group its much-anticipated opportunity and mental fortitude to break liberated from the social grasps and impart uninhibitedly about their sexual direction and love interests.

Analysis of Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used online media platform, and it can make anything viral in a fraction of a second. Regardless, while you can't access everyone's posts, you can see and share the posts made by open records.

Likewise, a few posts made by the pages and public records supported the new change in Article 377.

The India page of online media behemoth Facebook changed its showcase picture to a multi-toned symbol. The rainbow flag, also known as the gay pride flag, symbolizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and social progress. Festivals erupted as residents of the region applauded in the streets by moving and waving rainbow flags and homosexual forsake as soon as the verdict was announced. Furthermore, in a matter of seconds, Facebook was also overwhelmed with the rainbow heart emojis and posts and the hash labels of #Section377

Several people chose to write about this topic, while others chose to upload photos of themselves with their loved ones, and a few large pages chose to post their content on this festive occasion. Pages like Hard and fast, East India Parody made their substance on Facebook and got a few offers as appreciation. 

 Numerous conventional individuals posted their uncommon photographs with their darling, and some wrote posts supporting this decision on their timetables. Indian VIPs also utilized their Facebook handles to advance their help.

Examination of Instagram 

Instagram is one more online media utilized by individuals (generally youngsters) to share pictures. Numerous famous pages, commoners even Bollywood biggies like DeepikaPadukone, Ranveer Singh, Bhumi Pednekar, and different big names also took Instagram to salute their nation and compatriots for this brilliant triumph. 

Many hashtags were used on Instagram, including #Section 377, #loveislove, #RIP377, #377quitindia, etc.

Individuals responded to the new difference in segment 377 decision. The online media was overwhelmed with messages and great wishes for the High Court of India, complimenting each other over this new rainbow of affection which is by and large socially acknowledged by individuals for individuals. 

This came as another beam of expectation for the nation and the countrymen to adore without any limits. To characterize indeed that, "Adoration IS LOVE" with practically no conditions. After the new law was passed on September 6, 2018, people praised it in various ways on social media.

Three distinct web-based media outlets had various posts, with the majority of them expressing gratitude for the section 377 decision.

Analysis of Twitter 

Since Twitter is less private and we can view the vast majority of tweets. However, Facebook and Instagram both have protective security. Nonetheless, near the conclusion, we gathered a variety of posts and photos expressing support and respect for the LGBTQ community.

Various public posts were fragile and had so many offers that they even made it to the papers. During this, we just saw how people took it happily and sportingly and extended their hands for a prevalent moderate country.


Indian society definitely on the path of accepting them but still there is long way of the community to achieve full acceptance within the society.

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