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The Impact Of Advergame On The Adolescents

Around the globe, advertisements are found almost in every place. We are all surrounded by the wonders of commercials. Watching your favorite show, or log onto Facebook to see what's happening around, and you will have to avoid some form of a promotional ad. 

It is possible to approximate in various ways the issue of what advergaming is. It is advertising and gaming in the manner of a linguistic portmanteau. An advergame could be a variety of advertising in video games, during which the game is developed by or in shut collaboration with a company entity for functions of advertising a brand name product, whereas other video games might use in-game advertising on a virtual billboard or disapproval on associate in the nursing in-game object. In simple words, it is an advertising technique, where games are used as a means of advertising products or services. The game is designed around the product or service advertised. 

Advergames are used as a vehicle for product promotion and a feedback method for accumulating consumer spending information. The close connection between advertisers and children has evolved only due to the internet. Due to its immense popularity, the internet permits advertisers to market their products to children straight via specific negotiated websites that restrict parental oversight. Detailed and imaginative methods of advertising electronically, known as “stealth promoting” are used to connect producers with the consumer.

Games were always the apple of the eye for teenagers, but since the digital era kicked into the market, the attention of teenagers is centralized on it. As with the time as the digital games and arcades grasping them with their intriguing storyline and tipsy colorful lightning. The advertising companies started to interfere with marketing, and soon, they started to realize the output from gaming places, attracting teenagers and young-blooded youngsters. The banned ADS companies started to pay developers to create games, but with their log and themes of the company. The Best Example is Tapper.



Tapper is a bar scenario game where the user has to provide beer to their customers, it seems like a Restraint simulation game, but the views change when Budweiser Entered into the sponsorship and holds the gaming company into their label while promoting it. The Court can’t take any action cause the name was used in the game wallpaper as a logo without saying or describing any details related to alcohol. Due to this reason, the technique comes into the light, and other companies start promoting their product which can’t be shared, directly ON-AIR, TV, or Radio. They start targeting gaming companies.


The Advergames Influence On Consumer Perception And Behaviour

The showcase of commodities or brand names in movies or TV shows is a comparatively old procedure. But studies regarding their reputation on consumer perceptions and behavior are uncertain. The advergames present a few distinguishing characteristics that can ultimately intensify their marketing effect:

  •  The advergames are chosen by the player himself/ herself and not forced upon an unwilling viewer.

  •  The player communicates with advergames affirming an active stance, in comparison with the passive attitude of the TV audience

  •  Advergames support players to share the gaming adventure with their friends or family. 

From a marketing point of view, the advergames endeavor to capture the consideration of players and present them to static or dynamic representations of brands, and products, to transform their opinions and behavior.


Recommendations For Advergame Creators

These recommendations are for an advergame creators to lower down its risk impact on adolescents.

·     Present justifiable views of the client's risks and incorporate risk (cost) management in proposals. Do not approve a project to build an advergame without risk management. Budget your reputation as an advergame developer is also at stake.

·     Make the danger of the advergame creation process visible at any point of the advergame creation process. Seek risk assessment and communication.

·     Inside your advergame introduce replay verification and the complementary controls, as they are unlikely to be successful, do not rely on your anti-cheating guides. Do not rely on anti-reverse engineering techniques.

·     Until going online, conduct a security evaluation of both client-side and server-side code. The threat model developed as part of this research should be used for the client-side code.

·     Continually monitor the campaign for events during the lifetime and react accordingly.

The Advergame does not affect only adults, but due to interference of these ads firms and these marketing strategies, ostentatious kids and teenagers are targeted too. The advergames not only help the sponsoring companies but outside other markets are starting to mimic it too. Thanks to Advergame, a few companies are starting to make candies, which look like cigarettes, creating soft drinks, which bottles look identical to beer cans or alcoholic bottles.

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