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The Neglected WhistleBlower of FCDO: Maria Beamieh

Almost every institution in the world works to cover up corruption cases within their power. It is done to maintain their image in public. However, there are many instances where some people tend to leak the information into the press, thus leading to the unveiling of the truth to the public. There has been a recent case where a whistleblower leaked information about corruption in the EU.

Maria Bemieh, a barrister who has previously worked in the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), was fired from her job after she tried to expose the corruption of EU officials and their relations with criminals in Kosovo. She claimed that she was told to ignore the evidence while working in FCDO. As a result, instead of working towards eradicating corruption from the organization, Bemieh was dismissed from her position on the FCDO.

She filed a legal complaint against the office, leading to a recent settlement of under 430,000 pounds from the UK government. However, the legal battle went on for years as she began investigating the corruption concerns in 2012, shortly after she was fired from her position in 2014. In her recent interview with The Guardian, she exclaimed that she was given a hard time instead of being praised by her superiors. They were “covering up” their mistakes instead of opening the debate on creating a fair and open environment.

According to Beamieh, she had obtained sensitive information from her investigation of the EULEX diplomat in Kosovo. However, she claims he did not look at the evidence and advised her to turn a “blind eye.” Although the FCDO has denied this, many people are skeptical that it was done to create a traitorous image of Maria Beamieh to make it easier to get her out of the office. After Beamieh and her whistle-blowing, the FCDO has cut the number of prosecutors working in EULEX. Shortly after the notification, Beamieh was terminated in November 2014.

With her recent interview, it has become apparent that many institutions work towards denying claims of whistleblowers and their findings. Instead of working towards better working etiquette, many companies and organizations ignore constructive criticism and hide the flaws. Recently, a whistleblower for Facebook initiated to go public with sensitive information as she was constantly neglected for speaking up against what was happening inside the company. The compelling she has received from the public makes it easier for individuals to speak against wrongdoings, with Maria Beamieh being a notable figure.



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