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They tie them to polls!


    Today we want to look at three pictures to understand what is happening in Ukraine. Ron Haviv, a freelance photographer, took these photos. I choose Photography over the news is that Photography tells us a story without bias and lets us interpret it on our own. To cote Haviv:" Photography could shape history." and his photos are establishing history.

     Russia decided to invade Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. Haviv published these pictures in March 2022. let's look at them, shall we?

    The first one is a photograph of the Ukrainian military in one of the key towns in Ukraine. Whoever controls this town will control both roads that lead to Kyiv. A person holding an object</p>

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Why is this photo important? You will see that the Ukrainian soldier is looking through his scope at the Russian forces, who are only 100 meters away (Haviv claimed), and there are bodies in the background. These are dead Russian paratroopers; the elite Russian forces were defeated when the Ukrainians retook this town. Hadid explained that "The losses on the Russian side were quite remarkable. So, in many places that you would go, you would see dead Russian soldiers. which, one, was incredible that they were leaving their dead behind, and two, that so many Russian soldiers were being killed by Ukrainians."

      The second photo is of an alleged looter, a Ukrainian looter arrested by Ukrainian forces. They tie them up to a pole and take their pants and underwear off to humiliate them. They stick a potato in their mouth to show that they are stealing. And the soldiers that tied him up said to Haviv that the police would eventually come to arrest them and put them on trial. 

alleged ukrainian looter     

He is allegedly a perpetrator, allegedly a looter. There is no way to find out if he is at fault or not; either way, he is a victim of the whole situation that is taking place.

   Third picture; So here we see a scene from the Kyiv central rail station. Mother is Alone with her child. Just as the door is closing, she is looking at her husband, who is standing right in front of me, saying goodbye? Often, women and children are sent to safety, and the men stay behind to either continue their regular job or join the military and fight to defend the country. And this scene is being repeated every day, as we all have seen them, especially in the first weeks of the war. they are heartbreaking.       

say goodbye to papa

    Haviv's work has always been moving, and the Ukraine 2022 collection was no different. Watching these photos and knowing the story behind each one disappointed me in humanity. It's one thing to obey your comrades and go to war; it's one thing to shoot the enemy but seeing Russians leaving their comrades and Ukrainians humiliating people who are affected by war in the cold made me question if humans are inherently good. It's understandable to steal for survival, but what the Ukrainian military did to these civilians is not just it's not moral; It should not be tolerated.

Average Weather for March 20 ; 3 celsius

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