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Travel Restrictions Lifting Worldwide as Covid-19 Fears Wane

As time closes in on nearly three years into the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions worldwide are slowly but surely evaporating with travel precautions being assured by the uptick in vaccinations.

Though travel comes with caveats to keep the general public safe from high risk as with France which requires a negative test 24 hours before travel if unvaccinated and if an individual is unvaccinated they must also have a compelling reason for their travel.

Though for many countries travel restrictions as of now seem to be nonexistent as with many European countries, a total of thirty European countries are without any travel restrictions as a result of covid including Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Europe along with the rest of the world has drifted ever slightly closer towards travel without restriction as might be compared to pre-covid travel. Though some countries are on the cusp of reintroduction of travel to their economy with Tourism, as is the case with Japan.

During the Pandemic period, Japan has remained largely closed for almost two years now. Leaving tourism to the country is only a distant possibility to return sometime in the future.

Japan may have the longest period in which no travel by tourists was permissible due to Covid restrictions but the country is moving towards travel into the country even if its caveats may be more restrictive than others.

Now after those two years after delaying the Tokyo Olympics where Japan imposed some of the tightest travel restrictions to strengthen its virus control measure the country has lifted the restraints after waning Covid-19 fears.

Japan is opening back up to tourists without its fair share of restrictions and caveats before making the plunge back into one of its most profitable sectors for its economy adding around 359 billion USD to Japan's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

One such caveat that must be strictly followed includes wearing masks and proper sanitization. The effective measures are taken by Japan in this gradual reintroduction to tourism in seeking to minimize harm also include being chaperoned by local guides and purchasing private medical insurance before entry.

James Greenfield said this in a statement about the Japanese government, "The Japanese government is being very cautious," and continued, "They want the first tourists to enter on guided tours and we're ready to do this and to do whatever is necessary to keep our customers happy and to recoup some income after more than two years without any."

Though Covid is still a prevalent and serious concern for the general public on account of the daily average cases being 108,548 according to the covid 19 data tracker tool fears are waning as the number of vaccinated individuals rests squarely around 58.8%. The world slowly but surely is making a recovery in some areas after the long battle with covid that has hurt so many economically, physically, and emotionally.












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