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Ukraine: will it join Europe?

It was on the last 24 of February that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia started. 

Russia invaded with his leader’s main goal, according to BBC News, to “demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine”, an event that Putin refused to call invasion or war.

Since then, thousands of people have died. 


Consequences that caused Europe's largest refugee crisis we have not seen since World War II happened.

Ukraine and Europe 

After the following events, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has made the demand of joining the European Union. 

On the 17 of June, the European Union members were favorable for the country to be a candidate to join the union. Having the green light from EU leaders is not something that every country can get so easily. According to CNBC “even the European Parliament’s President Roberta Metsola has admitted that accepting new members into the EU can be challenging.” 

Indeed, Turkey has done its demand in 1999 already, to join the EU. Other examples; Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania have done their demand as well but aren’t yet in the EU.

The real question we can all ask now is will Ukraine really join ? 


The country might not be completely ready, as the EU requires specific criterias that it still does not satisfy. For example, a country has to meet the “Copenhagen criteria” to be eligible, which consist of three things; first, to be politically strong which includes the rule of law, respect of democracy and Human rights. Second, economically strong. Having a good market economy is essential, especially to have the capacity of competing. Lastly, to have administrative and institutional capacities.

However, Ukraine is today, more than ever unstable. 

Even though the EU leaders have given their green lights for Ukraine to be a candidate, only they are the ones to choose and have the right to decide if the country is ready or not. 

As of recent events, Ukraine is definitely not ready. According to a French newspaper called “latribune”, not all the leaders are on a full agreement, some of them wants the candidacy to be a bit push back. 

A future uncertain  

As for everything, people share opinions between positive and negative thoughts for Ukraine to be in the EU.  

Some people will be quite disappointed since the country will not be joining the other leaders before between 15 and 20 years. 

It takes time. As if a country needs to deserve to be a part of the union. 

Being in the EU can be an advantage for Ukraine, maybe the war will not have taken place if it was already in? 


An interesting subject that we will need to be followed very carefully and closely.

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