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US Diplomats Would Return To Ukraine

This Sunday, April 24, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, traveled to Kyiv unannounced and ruled out that several US diplomats would travel to Ukraine again during the week of April 25 as a symbol of solidarity from the United States to the country in dispute with Russia.


Likewise, Blinken, accompanied by the secretary of defense, flew to Kyiv before the estimated date that the diplomats will do so to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, his defense minister, and interior minister, Dmytro Kuleba and Denys Monastrysky, respectively.


The purpose of this early meeting was to discuss the state of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In the same way, the high-ranking American official will state at a press conference, whose location in Poland was unknown, that the attempt to "subjugate Ukraine and take its independence failed" by the Russian country.


The 90 minutes that appeared in the bilateral meeting between US and Ukrainian officials served to reach the conclusion that Russia had and is aiming to gain full control of Ukraine to "take its independence" and so far "has failed in its insistent attempt to do it”.


Blinken also stated that they do not know how the war will unfold in the following days or weeks. However, he assures that Ukraine will be "independent longer than Vladimir Putin on the scene", referring to the fact that the Russian president will not be long enough in his presidential term to gain control of Ukraine.


On the other hand, this weekend's meeting works to evaluate the possibility of the United States providing 713 million dollars in financing to Ukraine to strengthen its local international military forces that are fighting for the Ukrainian nation, according to the resistance to blink.


In addition, part of this budget would go to help in the transition to NATO-compatible systems in the Ukrainian country, to continue with the continuous training of its soldiers.

In the same way, the US secretary of state said that the president of his nation, Joe Biden, was evaluating the possibility of nominating Bridget Brink to be the next US ambassador to Ukraine since this embassy has been without a main representative since the departure of Marie Yovanovitch in 2019.


For his part, Zelensky communicated part of the meeting in a reading before the media, indicating how fruitful the meeting with the officials was and that Ukraine has the support of valuable, strategic, and important partners for this fight.


It should be noted that, even though the US officials' trip was not announced by the White House, their arrival in Kyiv was announced by Zelensky. Likewise, it is necessary to evaluate what are the events during the coming weeks with the dispute over Ukrainian territory between Russia and Ukraine.


Both officials told the press that they traveled to the region shortly before Blinken and Austin arrived in Kyiv; the traveling US press corps did not travel with the secretaries to the Ukrainian capital.

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