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US makes a brave move by issuing passport for 'X' gender

In a historic move made by the United States of America's department of rights and immunities, a passport with first ‘X’ gender designation has been issued for a Denver resident, making a watershed moment in the in the acknowledgement of people who do not identify as either male or female. The department in a statement said that they wish to implement this new provision more widely and flexibly from next year onwards. 

The department however hesitated to identify the recipient, but Dana Zzyymm, an intersex social rights and freedom activist from Fort Collins, Colorado, declared in a telephonic interview with the Associated Press that he was the one who received it. Zzyymm, who goes by a gender neutral pronoun stated that full fledged a legal battle was on with the state department since early 2015, demanding a passport which doesn’t force Zzyymm or someone else to choose a gender with which that person does not want to associate with.

Zzyymm (pronounced Zimm) said the passport arrived through the United States Postal Service on 25th of October and wad followed up by a call from the state department’s lawyer, Paul Castillo of Lambda Legal. Zzyymm reported stayed up late celebrating the milestone movement with fellow activsts in the fight for ‘X’ gender recognition. 

In another interview with PBS, Zzyymm who is 63 said that the main goal of the movement is to help and uplift the individuals of the next generation. “I am happy with tears with my eyes because all the fight and the perseverance for years made its first big step in the right direction but there’s more to do. I don’t want the next generation to face and endure what we had to go through but I laud this country and its bureaucracy for taking the right step. Today I really am proud to be an American and I am not a problem, I’m a human being” said Zzyym in a prime time news bulletin on PBS Newshour.

Zzyymm was born with puzzling sexual characteristics but was identified and raised as a man in spite of several failed surgeries which aimed to make Zzyymm appear fully as a male, according to court filings in 2015. Zzyymm served in the US Navy for a brief amount of time  as a male but later came out as an individual with intersex preferences while he was studying and working in Colorado State University. The state department’s  refutation to grant him an ‘X’ passport averted Zzyymm to travel to a bunch of Intersex International meetings.

Zzyymm tweeted that once the situation due to covid gets a little more stable many more international intersex conferces are going to take place but for now, Zzyymm is going to focus on road trips to Canada and fishing in Costa Rica. Nevertheless Zzyymm’s facebook and twitter page was filled with congratulatory posts especially from the America's legal fraternity, praising Zzyymm’s patience in this long baŕttle. “Intersex, nonbinary, and transgender people need identity documents that accurately reflect who we are, and having mismatched documents can create problems with safety and visibility,” tweeted Mary Emily O’ Hara, the spokesperson of GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, transgender and queer advocacy group.

The global special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ  rights put out a statement that Zzyym’s win is a victory for all humans not just for X genders. “Everyone who respects people and want people live their own way and right way should lift their glass up in this joyous occasion” read the facebook post.  The US state department had in early June of 2021 said that they are moving towards a third gender marker for nonbinary, intersex and gender-nonconforming people. The move was initially did not go down well among the Republican supporters including Texas attorney Ted Cruz. Cruz soon tweeted “just the way we fought for banning abortion, we are going to fight this vague cause the same way”.

US Vice President Kamala Harris made her love known for this move on twitter and said “the right thing has been done and America will always do the right thing. We are an all inclusive society and we aim to keep it that way no matter what.” LGBTQ activist Jessica Stern in an interview with CNN said that “we see this as a way of affirming and uplifting the human rights of trans and intersex and gender-nonconforming and nonbinary people everywhere”

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