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Vaccinated carriers for delta on loose: UK study

A recent British study found that vaccinated people can act as hosts for the delta variant of coronavirus. The research was administered by the Imperial College London and published in the reputed Lancet infectious diseases journal. The primary finding suggests that inoculated people may contract the virus without displaying symptoms (asymptomatic carriers) and infect others. This does not reduce the importance of jabs as vaccinated people have better immunity and clear it more swiftly. The pattern observed was that people who have had their vaccination earlier have more chances of carrying the virus. Hence booster shots may be necessary if delta plays havoc with the population. The study is fairly reliable as it is quite detailed. 621 asymptomatic participants with mild Covid-19 illness were tested between September 2021 and September 2021 for the report. Their vaccination data was collected and analyzed, they also had routine RT-PCR tests. The fact that they were checked for the virus daily regardless of whether they had symptoms is the key point. The average time after which the virus was found in the vaccinated participant's system was 101 days. The co-lead author of the study Dr. Anika Singanayagam said that 

"Understanding the extent to which vaccinated people can pass on Delta variants to others is a public health priority. By carrying out repeated and frequent sampling from contacts of covid-19 cases, we found that vaccinated people can contract and pass on the infection within households, including vaccinated household members. Our findings deliver crucial insights into the effect of vaccination in the face of new variants and specifically, why the Delta variant is continuing to cause high covid-19 cases numbers around the world even in countries with high vaccination rates."

How can vaccinated people spread delta?

Vaccination strengthens the body's natural mechanism against covid-19, so when vaccinated people came in contact with the virus, they do not feel the characteristic symptoms. Their body fights the virus and, they are infectious for a short period. It escalates to a matter of concern because they move casually thus, spreading the virus around. 

What are Delta and Delta Plus?

The Delta variant of the covid-19 virus can cause typhus and parrot fever in humans and many other health problems such as respiratory illness. Experts classified it at the end of May 2021 after overtaking alpha to evolve one out of four different types, circulating all across England. Delta plus is a substitution of the Delta variant, named K417N, and has been categorized as 'of concern' by the WHO. The Delta variant was to a great extent responsible for the second wave in our country. Studies show, this virus coheres more easily to lung cells and can be reluctant to monoclonal antibody therapy (i.e., intravenous infusion of antibodies for treatment). The alteration of the genome, in general, is a fairly common phenomenon and is called a "variant of interest". It changes to a "variant of concern" if it can now be easily transmitted or cause more severe illness or is not diminished by treatment previously used.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

The list of preventive measures is more or less the same as it was a year ago, but there is a need to revise it. After vaccination, the vigilance of society has reduced, especially in the festive season. Some essential ones are:

1. Stick to virtual meetings and avoid visiting crowded places like markets and railway stations without purpose.

2. Try maintaining a distance of 6 feet while interacting with people to prevent direct exposure.

3. Use a sanitizer frequently to disinfect your hands, your desk, and your chair if it is in a common area.

4. Wash your hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds several times a day to maintain hygiene.

5. Before using any item bought from a crowded place like vegetables and fruits from the markets or deliveries, sanitize or wash it thoroughly.

6. Be conscious of your health, and if there are any symptoms, immediately rush to the nearest hospital.

7. Use a triple layer mask, if possible, and avoid sharing personal items like a comb, spoons, etc., at the workplace.

8. Mental health also plays a vital part in improving immunity, so consume informative and positive media.

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