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What Is Going On In Afghanistan Now While World's Media Is Fixed On The Ukraine War?

Along with the start of the Ukraine war, which drew media attention, society lost interest in the Afghanistan situation, as it does with every major world event.

That happened with the pandemic emergency as well, when it seemed, back in 2019,  that there were no other global emergencies but the Covid-19.

Last summer, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, suppressing all human rights and assuming authority via force. The media first paid close attention to the situation, generating special reports and sending international correspondents to the scene.

However, with the new tragic occurrence of the Ukraine war, the media and the rest of the world seemed to have forgotten about the humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan. The west, on the other hand, cannot afford to ignore Afghanistan.



Because the rest of the world is "preoccupied elsewhere," experts note the Taliban are using the spotlight on Russia's invasion as a chance to execute their hardline policies in the country.

Few people in the West feel Afghanistan is a serious risk.

 The Taliban has so far sought international recognition and financial support, preferring a "diplomatic" approach to deploying violent methods.

Experts, on the other hand, predict that the apparent quiet will not last long, the Taliban are indeed strengthening their control.

In the weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the Taliban have tightened restrictions on many elements of life that were formerly unrestricted before they assumed control of the country last summer.

The Taliban, first of all, reintroduced the mandatory use of Burka for women, in contrast with the government law that only “suggests” the use of it.

Moreover, they impose a prohibition where women, whether they do not have an urge to go out, can’t leave their houses. As the Taliban revives historical tactics like kidnapping foreigners for political benefit, restrictions on media, entertainment, and traditional holidays have been tightened.

Journalists continue to be jailed and abused, and hundreds of media organizations have been shut down to prevent the publication of Taliban actions such as arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings.


An active war in Europe is bad news for Afghanistan because it diverts resources, sympathy, and attention away from the millions of Afghans who are also struggling for food, shelter, and protection from human rights violations. The Taliban will also profit since they will no longer be seen as the world's most infamous aggressor, allowing them more political flexibility to consolidate their control over the country.

Is it only a matter of time before the Russian invasion goes down in flames?

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