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Who Will Win? His Whims Or The Hunger Of His People?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un acknowledged on Thursday that his country was facing a severe food shortage. "The food situation is becoming tenser and tenser", Kim Jong said while addressing a meeting of senior leaders of the Workers' Party Central Committee in Pyongyang. Kim Jong asked officials to find ways to increase agricultural production. He said that the food crisis of the people is becoming tense now.

This statement of dictator Kim Jong has come at a time when he has become a topic of discussion all over the world due to his low weight. Let me tell you that recently the latest pictures of Kim Jong Un were revealed. In this, the North Korean dictator looks so weak. After this, once again, the market of speculation about Kim Jong Un's health has heated up around the world. Many people and news worldwide speculate that did he lose weight because of the scarcity of food in his country? If this is true, then it must be one of the dangerous problems ever faced by North Korea.

While watchers of North Korea have not yet found direct signs of mass starvation or significant instability, some analysts have feared that it will not take long for the situation to become explosive due to the food crisis and that people will be scared. An extreme panic situation can arise soon. The South Korean government's Thinktank "Korea Development Institute" said last month that North Korea could face a food shortage of one million tonnes this year, and if that happens, there could be a furore.

On Tuesday, North Korean news agency KCNA said that Kim Jong Un opened a plenary session of the ruling Workers' Party. During this, he warned the party workers about the food crisis. He said that the country was hit by severe floods due to several thunderstorms last year due to which crops were damaged, and the agriculture sector failed to meet its target production of food grains. The country's agricultural output may have been low, but the national industrial output has increased by a quarter compared to the same period last year. During the meeting, Kim announced the continuation of the Corona lockdown.

What did locals say?

Reports coming in from North Korea suggest that food prices have risen dramatically. NK News reported that the cost of 1 kilogram of banana is $ 45 (in Indian currency, 3000 rupees), and the price of potato has increased three times here. According to the local people, to buy a small packet of tea leaves here, $ 70 (in Indian currency, 5191 rupees) and $ 100 (in Indian currency, 7414 rupees) must be spent on a packet of coffee. North Korea is also forced to close its borders with its closest ally China due to the Corona epidemic. This has resulted in a sharp decline in trade between the two countries, leading to shortages of food, fertilizers, and fuel. Food and drink prices are skyrocketing in the capital Pyongyang. However, efforts have been made to keep the costs of rice and fuel stable. But commodities like sugar, flour, and soybean oil have become very expensive. For these things, North Korea has to depend on imports. Kim Jong Un has not disclosed how much grain is lacking in the country right now. But according to an estimate, at present, there is a shortage of 8,60,000 tonnes of food items in North Korea. This means that North Korea has only two months of food left.

How incompetent North Korean Government is?

It's not the first time that North Korea faces food scarcity because of its government's incompetence, leading North Korea to starvation in the 1990s. It is estimated that millions of North Koreans were killed in this. Organizations monitoring North Korea say that widespread famine is not being seen in this totally closed country right now, but at the same time, some analysts say that this is the calm before the storm in North Korea, and the lack of food may create fear among the public.

Is Kim Jong Un still think about the enmity when such big trouble is looming on his people?

However, it has been said by the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun that Kim has given instructions that while continuing the steps against the Coronavirus, steps should also be taken to bring the country's economy back on track. It also said that the current global situation was also discussed in the meeting where Kim arrived a day earlier, and the instructions received by the party were also discussed. Earlier on Saturday, Rodong Sinmun said that an important task related to national defence was also discussed among the participants, whose focus is on our revolution's on the internal and external environment along with the rapid changes in the situation around the Korean Peninsula.

But, despite such a dire food crisis, the cynical dictator has asked the military to be on "high alert" as he embarks on a mission to defend the country from enemies. According to the information, observers are keeping an eye on whether the ruling party of North Korea presents any policy regarding its nuclear programs and missile development programs as well as relations with America. North Korea has so far ignored allies' demands to restart nuclear talks that have been stalled for two years, which began under former US President Donald Trump because North Korea is also struggling because of international sanctions imposed after its nuclear program, which can add fuel to the fire in the situation of this food crisis.


I hope he will choose his people over his whim because no one has benefitted from whim and when the people of the country die, then for whom will he save the country?

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