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Will Poland Get Arms From South Africa?

On 30th March 2023, Naledi Pandor and Alexander Kozlov co-headed the 17th session of the South Africa-Russia Joint Inter-Governmental Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperations. 

During Naledi Pandor’s speech, she mentions how there is a ‘great deal of media’ right now and later continues that “there are some who don’t wish us good relations with an old, historical friend.” – YouTube.

The South African government has decided to stop and ban the sale of arms to Poland. This will not only allow the protection of Russian interests and give Russia an upper hand in Ukraine but also land a blow at the supplies Poland previously received from South Africa. It is feared that the arms being sold to Poland will then be given to Ukraine, which will ultimately be used against one of South Africa’s allies - Russia.

This move was made because Russia is a long-standing ally and as Naledi Pandor said during the 17th session, “We have made it clear that Russia is a friend and we have had cooperative partnerships for many years, including partnerships as we combated the apartheid regime.” -YouTube.

Such a decision is believed to have come after the meeting with Russia and it was done to not ‘offend’ Russia - Daily Maverick

Others speculate that the decision was made to move closer to the BRICS nation’s economic structure and corporations among their members.

Poland is the largest supplier of arms to Ukraine. Directly bordering it and being the only nation that allows supply, cutting one source of arms to Poland might not make much of a difference, but if the supplier is not replaced, a large impact could be noticed. 

Russia and South Africa have been supporting one another for several years now, and have always shown a great deal of cooperation. Such a move will not only allow them to strengthen their relations but also create a bond. A bond which is strategic for Russia. 

South Africa believes it will obtain economic growth from standing with Russia than with those who try to dismantle their friendship.

This could be in connection to the Russian cargo ship that came to South Africa to pick up an unidentified load in 2022. – Telegraph.

In recent months, Rheinmetall Denel Munition, a half-German and South African-owned company, won a bid from not only a NATO nation to produce arms but also from a non-NATO nation. The countries were not named but the production of the ammunition is being seen used largely in the current Ukraine-Russian war. The contract was secured for about 60 million Euros – Rheinmetall.


South Africa has been supporting Russia with arms for a while but this is also because of the BRICS nations' alignment that allowed it to happen. 


Edited By: Rhea Jimmy

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