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Ayantika Ghosh | India

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Hello there! My name is Ayantika Ghosh (Born:21/10/96). I am currently working as a journalist and news editor at The Social Talks. Being a student of English Literature, I have always wanted to express my thoughts via writing in a way that influences readers positively and creates an impact. The Social Talks is the perfect platform to achieve that, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Literature makes me feel solace even in the most turbulent storms. I am passionate about writing. I love watching movies, sort of a lover of stories. The plot and the characterization intrigue me. I want to write about the real and true stories.

I am an avid reader. I am also a chess and movie enthusiast. Apart from these, I am a foodie, a selenophile, and a petrichor lover. I love music and dance. I strive to learn, enhance my skills, and share knowledge.

I constantly seek opportunities to expand my knowledge, refine my skills, and share insights with others.

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