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Rise of Meme Marketing

Memes are funny, relatable quirky, and an easy way to share your thoughts and feelings. Seen on almost every social …

Published on April 22, 2021, 1:11 p.m. by Devanshi615

Sadness Hits Home As France Records The Death Of Another Football Star

    Another football star from France shockingly dies after suffering a heart attack during a football game. The thirty …

Published on Jan. 20, 2021, 7:43 a.m. by Whitney-Edna-Ibe

Amazon's Founder Jeffery Bezos Is The Worlds Richest Man In Modern History

       Hard work does pay off. And Bezos is worth $204.6 billion.

We cannot sit back and take …

Published on Jan. 18, 2021, 5:23 p.m. by Whitney-Edna-Ibe