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Sri Soudamini Konka | London


I'm Sri Soudamini Konka, and I work as the News Editor at Thesocialtalks in London, England. I lead a team of experienced writers that publish high-quality news articles, stories, and features.

I am a results-driven content analyst with vast expertise editing website content, managing content calendars, and executing digital marketing strategies. With a Master's degree in Communication and Journalism, I bring analytical and creative skills to my profession.

With previous experience as a Content Analyst at India-a-future and an Associate Publishing Specialist at Thomson Reuters, I've honed my talents in creating and editing a wide range of website content, project management, and effective use of digital marketing platforms. I created project reports, ensured the accuracy and completeness of work outputs, and managed desktop publishing projects that used ART Tool, Campaign Monitor, and a production timetable. In addition, I reviewed website content, monitored internal and external websites, and educated younger employees and apprentices in software and production techniques.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sri-soudamini-konka

Articles By Sri Soudamini Konka

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