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10 tips for new readers

As we move closer to smart technology systems, reading has lost its significance. This essay will be perhaps helpful to you. particularly, if you are a novice learner, to become a good reader.

A competent reader constantly assesses and adjusts their predictions. The keys to becoming a good reader are imagination and concentration. Some good readers are discriminating when it comes to what they read. Here are a few tips and suggestions to follow:

1. Visualize- Much as when you're listening to a narrative, create a mental movie in your head. Give every narrative and character an imaginative look and follow the trail while reading. To help them understand a passage in a text, some good readers may develop mental images or visualize a scene, event, or character. As they read, good readers keep an opening on their comprehension.

2. Understand- Some books contain language that differs from spoken language, especially when reading classics or translated literature, which might cause misunderstandings or break the link. To get back to where you left, keep a dictionary handy or use google to look up the definition. This is the most beneficial use of reading skills because it increases your knowledge.

3. Concentration- When reading, you must ensure that you are entirely immersed in the story; if you lose your concentration, you might start getting bored, distracted and end up losing interest thus leading you to give up on reading.

4. Choose- when you start reading, it is important to know your interests. Know your favorite genres and research each book you find interesting. Your favorite movie genre could be a good way to explore your interest in those specific genres.

5. Relax- Before you begin reading, Relax and let go of everything on your mind and find yourself comfortable enough to enter the world you live inside those pages.

6. Make it a habit- One of the most important things about being a good reader is to make it your unbeatable habit. One of the most common reasons people leave reading is because they lose hold of their reading habits. Make sure you give reading a specific time. Studies say, if you give reading a flexible hour, it helps you to become more calm and optimistic.

7. Strategize- Keep the count of pages and chapters to get a hold of your reading habit. Give yourself little tasks and try to complete them. Tasks could be reading a whole chapter in one sitting at first and then slowly increasing the pace of reading.

8. Keep track- When you are reading a book, make sure you are noting or telling someone about the book, it helps you to develop more interest and ensures your engagement.

9. Keep curiosity alive- One thing that keeps readers going is the curiosity that keeps you intact with a good book. It's a joyride if you let it amaze you.

10. Precautions- There are trailers and spoilers in books, just like in movies, so stay away from them and keep reading. If a few novels fail to pique your attention or are too difficult or gullible for you to read, look for another book with positive reviews and begin reading.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R. Martin.

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