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Alarming consequences of Body-Shaming in youth

Do we remember that in our school days there was always a “Gollu” or “Motu”? That itself is the beginning of body shamming. Their overweight classmates used to humiliate them and bully them without imagining the scars it leaves in their young minds.

Body shaming is showcased in attractive ways. We might see huge hoardings which say reduce your weight in five days or a week. These business organizations lure people and make money on someone's misery. Body positivity is a concept which needs to be focused on and practiced by adults. We need not work out to get an attractive figure we need to work out to stay fit and fine. Our body is like a machine it needs to be put on the workout so that we can bring out amazing results and increase the quality of our life and a 30-minute brisk walk can also add value to your life. Losing weight by using harmful drugs or unnecessary tough diet plans is a complete waste. We have gained weight in 2 or3 years so losing the same will also take due course of time. 

Body-Shaming has severe effects on youth they are as below:

  1. Depression: People who are fighting body shamming issues usually face teasing from friends, family relatives, and often in public as well. They find it very difficult to tackle the hatred and being a funny topic that all like to enjoy. Even in web series we usually find a fat character who is insulted and picked up on randomly. Since teenage is a year of fame, making new friends, popularity, and the best years of life it becomes very difficult for teenagers with body shaming issues to survive. This eventually leads to poor self-confidence, being overcritical about oneself, etc.


  1. Low Self Esteem: Low self-esteem is a popular outcome of body shamming. While hearing useless teasing and taunting there is no wonder that an individual loses his or her self-esteem. It’s very important for teenagers to surround themselves with good and mature people. It is said that the people who surround you influence your life. So surround yourself with people who believe in body positivity this will help to fight body shaming issues as they will make you feel secure and happy. Being body positive, accepting yourself is very important hence having friends or relatives who can help you with this will be of great help. Keep friends or people who bring the best out of you.


  1. Anxiety: Fear and anxiety attacks are common in today's youth and one of the key players in social media. Today life of an individual is figured out by his or her presence in social media. The relentless social media trolling, making memes to tease and fat shame youth are popular. It slowly turns into a platform where people can share anything and shame anyone. Anxiety to face the world and face the teasing is inexplicable. We often observe that fat-shamed people never post their self-portraits fearing trolls and lewd comments. Anxiety may lead to various other severe issues which need medical attention.

  In a study conducted on various adolescent girls, it was found that they were finding it very difficult to attend schools because they don’t have the so-called perfect “Diva” figure. Social media influences young girls a lot. Seeing a peer getting a lot of followers and likes in their posts, having a lot of boys call it teenage craze or whatever. These all add up to negative thinking, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, etc. Well, social media has raised the insecurity in these young girls which pushes them to depression and finally to drastic measures like suicide. Many young girls have resorted to taking pills or drugs to get that perfect figure. The pressure build to have an admirable and stunning body image is unimaginable.

Body positivity should start from self-love. You must say to yourself that I exercise to get fit not to look stunning or sexy. Being confident about your body is very critical. You must learn to accept who you are and must stress on the inner character than the exterior physical appearance. Our life has much more to do with how intelligent, talented, confident, sincere, and sensitive we are. Following gym workouts, excessive physical fitness should be followed if you are passionate about it not just because your neighbor or relative teases you. People will always criticize or behave in a nosy manner it's a human tendency to interfere in unnecessary matters but we can learn to ignore and not take things personally to harm us.

A healthy mind and body is a must so you must follow a good and balanced diet. People usually poke saying Oh!! You are too fat for that outfit. As long as you wear any cloth and have the confidence to rock them nobody can hold you back. Also, remember to listen to various motivating podcasts which can help you battle body shamming and which will help you reduce your insecurities. The world is your oyster. Don’t let others let you down. Stop body shaming and embrace body positivity together we can make a better world for ourselves.



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