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Being Mentally Strong Is Your Power!

While everything around us is changing and expanding rapidly, with so much information that our brains can't comprehend, most people don't become aware of how harmful certain behaviors are and how they might damage their mental health, so they struggle to cope with them. Overusing social media and other behaviors may sometimes be harmful and time-consuming. 

Checking social media every few minutes, feeling awkward while putting the phone away, comparing our life to others, and envying friends on social media accounts are all common causes of anxiety and sadness. 

In psychology, mental strength impacts our personal beliefs, attitudes and thought processes. Maintaining mental health requires not just determination and self-motivation but also optimism. Mentally strong people are self-assured, with resolve, discipline and tenacity. Pessimistic people should learn to think optimistically.

 Mental resilience is the cognitive and emotional ability to reframe negative thoughts and adverse circumstances. 

Being mentally strong or spiritually strong helps us resist internal and external influences that retract our confidence and sense of well-being. 

Those who prioritize their growth might acquire mental strength over time. Similar to how we see the physical advantages of exercise and proper nutrition, we may cultivate healthy mental habits. 

However, rather than pondering what to do, one should take a modest move toward change. Controlling little acts and basic activities is the first point. Minor adjustments may facilitate transitions. 

Everything begins with small beginnings. As people pursue their objectives, mental power may counteract the dread of failure. It also helps in overcoming obstacles. It depends on how successful people manage particular circumstances, how well they perform, and how soon they can recover.

In a video for Amy Morin in the Ted Talk, The secret of becoming mentally strong, Morin said everyone could build mental strength and reach their potential. 

According to Morin, undesirable behaviors always cost us something. It is normal to feel upset, but dwelling on the issue prevents one from finding a solution. One may constantly take the initiative to improve his or her life.

Also, in the film, Morin described the three types of harmful and unhealthy attitudes that diminish people's effectiveness and hold them back.

● Unhealthy beliefs of yourself

● Unhealthy beliefs about others

● Unhealthy beliefs about the world 

People cannot control everything around them or how others respond to them, but they can choose how they react since it is their life and choice. Ultimately, no one is born with all of their problems resolved. 

Our brains can be the most amazing tools in helping us accomplish our goals if only we would stop impediments in our path and begin to address the issues. It's crucial to remember that humans aren't great at multitasking: taking one small step at a time is fundamental for changing unhealthy habits and developing healthy ones. 

Many tips from several groups may aid in initiating change. Everyone can do it independently. Voici, based on my own experience, the first steps I took toward a personal transformation: 

● Read more books; this can increase your acknowledgment and reduce stress. 

● Only spend a little time on social media, just scrolling and wasting time, and do something useful on the internet. 

● Take breaks and sleep well; this will help you to recover after stressful moments. 

● Don't be jealous; get inspired. 

● Build your self-esteem; being self-confident builds your mental strength

● Managing your time and knowing your priorities and what you want to do can help your brain be more comfortable. 

● Socialize and spend time with family and friends. 

● Speak up to a specialist if you can't handle it anymore.



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