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Can Money really buy happiness?

Money can buy happiness, I don't agree with that. People often say that money is everything, money can solve all of your problems, someone who has plenty of money is the happiest people in the world, But I think happiness is not just about money.  In my opinion, money doesn’t make everyone happy. I have seen many people living in their bungalow, villa, sitting alone. People skip their family time, they don’t have even dinner with their family and spend most of their time on trips far away from their family and their days spend in earning so that their family have more than enough to spend. does that make anyone happy? This is the question I ask when I see people who are working hard for their family because no matter how much we earn it’s never going to be enough. So what’s the use of money if someone doesn’t have anyone to spend their money on. We need friends, family, to share what we have no matter if there will be the smallest thing or the biggest one. We always need friends and family around us that give us happiness because you can never buy friends with money and even if you can that relation is not real.

I have also seen families who don’t earn much but the whole family work together, they just earn up to the sum of their monthly expenditures, no savings but they are happy, they do dinner together, discussing how their day went, they give time to each other because they know at last that’s what it is going to matter.

Suppose that a child from a poor family lives with his parents and eats his breakfast and dinner with their parents by their hands and feels the joy and happiness of feeding by the hands of his parents and playing with them when his parents going to work he even helps them by doing whatever possibly he can do so that he can make their burden less and they can go home sooner because that’s all he wants at the end of the day, to spend their time with family.

And now suppose a child from a very wealthy family whose father is a very busy businessman who always comes home late and the child wants to eat from their hands but he cannot because he sleeps earlier while the father always arrives late and left early in the morning and that kid who have many costly toys to play but has no one to play with him, he just always wishes to play with his dad or family at that time, and want them to listen to his side of the story, he wants to do his homework with them, want to see their laugh. But the rich kid feels poor and sad about it. As they say “ money can buy you a bed, but it cannot buy you sleep”.  real happiness does not come from materialistic things or money.  It comes from the people around us.


The importance of money differs from person to person, For some people happiness involves buying materialistic things, doing something huge, Being able to buy anything etc, and for some people spending time with loved ones, having someone that notice your smallest achievements, who is not just there for your happy part but in your sad part too. I have seen people who have a lot of friends around them in their happy times but no one in their lower days. I am not saying everybody is like that but people do get attracted by money and try to take benefits of you. It’s just there, it exists in our society.

I read in a book called rich dad poor dad that "money can be a tool to motivate you to take important steps in your life", I agree with this statement because we should have enough money to meet our needs but I think it is okay to want more and more money because it’s never going to be enough. so we should take a pause and show gratitude for what we have and wait for things to happen in the right place and at the right time. Let money motivates you to keep moving forward with progress. make dreams come true that you want to achieve in your life and afterwards celebrate what you have achieved. 

In today’s world, money is the only thing that can do both, making people stick together and also makes them apart from each other. Let me elaborate on this for you. money can even separate blood relations, money makes people exploit their relation with closed ones. I have seen brothers fighting for properties, children fighting for their parent's wills, sisters fighting by showing off the family they wed into and there comes jealousy created by money, fight between friends and many more cases. Sometimes money becomes the only reason for people sticking together, and what’s the reason for keeping the relation if you are not happy in that or when it is just for the money profit? That’s why I started this example to help you understand better.

Everyone has different opinions and I presented mine. If money really could buy happiness in this world then no one would be sad anyone, they just earn to keep happy. The one Who has plenty of money wouldn’t be depressed and sad. let’s talk about Sushant Singh Rajput. He was such a brilliant actor, who can have anything he wants, who was a genius who left us so soon. everyone was shocked after his demise news. He set an example to us that what you see from the outside, that happines isn’t true. He had everything all he wanted, but short of some happiness which he couldn’t find it anywhere, If he could he would have bought it and he could have been with us.

Running for a better future, better lifestyle, good health, working hard is good but Running towards the money is not. As they say  ‘Your destiny can fail you but hard work can’t’.So play the money with the mind but never let the money play with you.

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