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Celebrating the end of the pandemic

Celebrating the end of the pandemic


Closure is the most important part of any story. All of our individual paths were shifted to some degree by Covid-19. After a distorted period of isolation, reflection and stagnancy, it seems appropriate to give a send-off to what we all collectively faced. While many still struggle physically and socially with the impact of the virus, its effect has been diminished. We can go anywhere without fear of contagion. We can recreate the moments of our imagination in reality. We have a familiar feeling of freedom that we hold onto more than ever as a relic of our former selves, like finding something that you loved as a child but had forgotten.  

Take a moment to remember the days of isolation that bled into each other like liquids being mixed together into a single mass. Liquid days that flowed through the channel of melancholy rather than the channel of being present, into a body of memories that was shrouded in opaque mist. The nights that inspired you in your solitariness, which can inspire you now. The few moments when you felt accompanied, that were special in their scarcity. Recall the decisions you made to keep working even when there was no reward at the end besides the labor itself. There was nothing better to distract oneself than by working towards something tangible, because the rest was a teaser of what life used to be like. Social media reminded us of what it was like when we could be social. Remembrance was a bitter pill to swallow. Remembrance now is a luxury instead of a weight. We can be relieved to be at a distance from all of that. We survived and made the best of those months, so we can look back as better people today. We can be joyous of the time we spend accompanied today. We work towards our goals today with the knowledge of what it’s like when the world is working against us.

The growth after the struggle

There is no doubt that the pandemic had a profound effect on society. I recognize it made an impact on me. Never did I have a bigger drive to prove myself and grow than after the pandemic. The pandemic showed me my weaknesses and made me work against them instead of myself. I am grateful for having lived through the period of Covid-19. And yet it seems that in the world the problems never end, and that there is always something to be worried about on the news. Going through isolation made me see my own problems in a different light than I used to. The challenge that they offer is unique and exciting, and the lack of challenge is truly the worst state of living. Existing vicariously inside the world’s problems is a way of being locked into rigidity. And for months we were all stuck inside the world’s problems. And now we have the challenge of our own journey as individuals.

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