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E-Girl vs. It-Girl: How do You Identify Yourself More?

Let's face it: Bangs never go away. Celebrities constantly bring them back year after year without fail - Yup, this also includes fashion trends that characterize them, such as Y2K fashion, a stylistic direction of the late 1990s and early mid-2000s. Every season we see a revival of fashion trends, which we have seen over the last few decades.


Before the Teens and young adults of today were giving appraisals to ‘virtual influencers’ for style inspiration, three different subcultures were born: The It-Girls, Emo, and Scene girls. Today, the Scene girls have been rebranded and now go by E-girls. E- girls and It-girls have been popularized on TikTok and Instagram. Nowadays, both styles have a significant impact on people’s fashion choices. Plus, celebrities and makeup artists have helped to make this look trendier.


It-Girls can be perceived as girly, preppy, and glamorous in their styles. They love sparkle, fur (or faux fur), and color. At the same time, the E-girls and emos have a similar manner. They both love dark colors and, /dramatic makeup. It-Girls also live a socialite lifestyle -they are women that have achieved an excellent level of popularity. Today, this term is used more to describe simplistic beauty. Models like Olivia Palermo or Bella Hadid and singers like Taylor Swift are poster girls for IT girls, as they are known for their effortless style.


To explain the differences between both fashion concepts, we have chosen two main features that can help you quickly identify both tendencies: Makeup look and hairstyle. Want to give it a try? Below, we share some e-Girl and it-Girl tips that may inspire you to get your final look.


On the one hand, you can identify with E-Girl beauty by their heavily shaped eyeliner and vibrant hair colors and highlights, and you can wear clips in your hair as a statement. The eyeliner goes much further than the eye area, as your makeup is incomplete. Refine your eye makeup by adding a heart or stars stamp. This E-Girl trend also includes fake freckles, false eyelashes, and bright blush that spreads across noses and cheeks. This style goes for bold doll-like eyes.


There is no question about it; having a bold color palette is fundamental for the makeup of an E-Girl look - Top it off with the entire fake lash you can find, and…your eye makeup is done! In addition, adornments and decorative face stamps are essential for your look. This is the part where you can be as creative as you want. Some artistic Icons that can inspire your E-Girl makeup are the singer Youngblood or the makeup artist James Charles.


On the other hand, E-Girls have a distinctive look; we are here to help you recreate it! One of the main parts that characterize them is their hairstyle which is an integral part of their attire. E-Girl hair can feature two face-framing: soft pastel highlights and streaks. Streaks are applied at the front of your hair, while the highlights must be a hue complementing their natural hair color. Famous hair streaks in the E-girl community include bright pinks, platinum blonde shades, vibrant reds, and neon greens. No subtle highlights here! – You can choose any color you wish as long the contrast is visible!


Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa are some celebrities who can inspire you for your 2021 e-Girl look. On the other hand, hair strips and big clips are essential accessories. These decorative pieces were trendy again in 2019 and 2020. They were not only worn by E-Girls but also by It-Girls! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing hair accessories.


What about the It-Girl image? Can you tell us any difference between this trend and the E-Girl look? Of course, there are a lot of differences! The It-Girl’s beauty is much more intelligent and essential. Neutral palettes and long, thick, dark hairs are necessary for a 2022 It-Girl look. Over-lined lips with bright nude colors and fine eyeliner have become essential to It-Girl makeup. Their primary eyeshadow colors are a warm, matte palette. This tone can be combined with orange tones, like a peach, used for the ground palette. You can use beige, dark red, or even a velvety tone.


To be a real It-girl, you shouldn’t use any extra decoration over your face - soft glam is the main aesthetic! An excellent make-up brand that can help to inspire your make-up look is KKWBeauty. On the other side, the ‘It Girl’ ponytail is the latest trend in hairstyle. It can be a lifesaver for making yourselves look presentable at events.


What is the inspiration behind this ponytail?


It is a simple hairstyle and can be worn if your hair is long enough. We've seen this trend arise in recent years. In 2022 most iconic It-Girls like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian wear this style a lot. Ariana Grande has coined this hairstyle since the start of her career. You can see her wearing the ponytail in music videos, premieres, concerts, and especially when she is being pampered during her daily errands. So, we could give her credit for reviving it!


Likewise, if you search for hairstyles on Instagram to get inspired, you’re always stunned by braided hairstyles; whether worn for formal or casual occasions, these intricate plaits look beautiful on every afro hair texture. Braids have always been in style. Brandy Norwood wore them throughout the '90s. Today you can see celebrities such as Zendaya or Beyoncé exhibiting how It-Girls can rock every hairstyle such as braids.


Let us know if the E-girls and It-girls have encouraged you to revamp your style.






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