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Five Fun Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, the time is fast approaching for everyone's favorite (or often least favorite) time of the year - Valentine's Day! February 14th is the holiday of love - or, if you're like me, the holiday of watching a movie alone with a tub of ice cream. For those among us with a significant other who need more time to figure out what to get them, I've collected five creative ideas that could help show them that you genuinely care.


Photo Puzzle

Whether you've been together for five months or five years, the moments you've experienced together are sure to have been captured beautifully in photos. Don't turn your treasured picture into too many pieces - you don't want your partner to be bored to tears. Here's an idea: pick your most cherished photo and send it to a service that will turn it into an exciting and brain-teasing puzzle. Sit down with some wine and put the puzzle together with your significant other. Utilize this time to reflect on your relationship and reaffirm your love for one another. In the end, you'll have created a lovely picture commemorating another year around the sun with the person you love.


A Weekend Away

A bit larger and more extravagant than a special gift, a beautiful weekend vacation is what your partner needs. Fire up Airbnb and find the most romantic and inviting cottage you find. Some things to look for are hot tubs, fire pits, and a lakeside view. You should tailor the location to your partner's desires - if they are constantly working, for example, consider something more off-the-grid so they can decompress and disconnect. Note how long you've been together with them - don't go remote if you've only been together for a few months; the last thing you want is to scare your partner. Some fun activities both of you can do, depending on the location, include going on nature walks, reading books together, swimming in a lake, or roasting marshmallows by an open fire as the sun sets. The world will melt away as you spend quality time with your beloved.


Custom Drawn Portrait

Many couples have meticulously curated photos they post on Instagram or VSCO, but only a few have specially commissioned drawn portraits of them. Scout social media for visual artists doing commissions (bonus points if it's an artist your partner likes) or take it to a professional website or service to turn your favorite photo into a hand-drawn piece of beautiful art. If you share a pet with your partner, including them would turn this gift into an 11. Shop around for a nice frame to put the art in, and you have a complete package for a cute gift that your partner will surely appreciate. Giving it to them at the end of a Valentine's Day date will be the cap to a night full of life and love. This thoughtful gift will show your partner that your love is magical - just like a fairy tale picture.


Curated Playlist

Your partner will feel the love as they listen to carefully selected music that reminds you of them. When creating a playlist for your partner, consider what songs hold meaning in your relationship. Maybe that one Weeknd song was playing at the restaurant on your first date, or your first dance was to "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. Adding songs that make you think of them will express your love in ways words or actions could not. One thing is for sure, though: ditch Spotify and Apple Music. A fully analog gift will show you put in the effort to create something unique. Consider burning a CD, creating a custom record, or sourcing an iPod and loading the songs onto it. The presentation of the playlist matters just as much as the songs - the more creative and unique, the more your partner will see the thought you put into it.


Date Night Jar

A date night jar is a quick and easy idea that can provide a variety of experiences that you can use to grow closer to your partner. Here's a fun one: take some clothespins or colored popsicle sticks and write a date night idea that you both would enjoy on each one. The key here is variety; make sure to write different kinds of dates so you can experience other things. Some ideas include going to a comedy club, riding horses, or visiting a farmer's market. Get a nice-looking jar, put them in it and decorate the outside, so it looks partner-appropriate. Then, whenever you decide to go out, your partner can pull a random idea out of the jar, and you can enjoy a spontaneous night out with your other half.


Reminder: take a breath, and remember that the thought counts. The last thing your partner needs for Valentine's Day is a stressed and anxious partner. If your other half truly loves you, they will appreciate and cherish any gift you give them. Don't worry about it too much. Find something fun, and you'll have an excellent Valentine's Day. And hey, if everything goes south, there's plenty of couch space and ice cream at my place.


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