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Hunger-Solving Volunteer Opportunities This Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching, and for some, that means giving back. Local and national organizations encourage individuals to participate in events to help those in need. Whether directly donating to an organization’s website or getting your hands dirty, organizations across the nation hope to inspire involvement. A few nonprofits that are encouraging help from the public are listed below. 


Feeding America kicks off the season by sharing its holiday opportunities. Moreover, the nonprofit organization works to target those in need of meals across America. They directly focus on this country’s “hunger crisis,” providing meals to children, students, adults, and seniors perpetually. With the multitude of programs the organization holds, the help of Americans to keep the nation fed this holiday season is encouraged. Feeding America gives options to people looking to donate directly to the fund or support their local communities. Individuals can donate directly to the organization with this link. Feeding America also gives tips to Americans looking to start a holiday food drive to “raise awareness about hunger in your community.” 


Feed My Starving Children is another organization looking to end hunger. The Christian nonprofit targets suffering nations across the world. Furthermore, they specifically fundraise to save the lives of starving children at risk of life-threatening diseases in developing countries. The nonprofit most recently helped families in Ukraine as the war against Russia continues. They focused on telling the stories of those in Ukraine and how the efforts of volunteers have made a difference. One story focused on a woman named Katya. Katya describes the terror of the war and how Feed My Starving Children has helped her journey. “…We are grateful to everyone who supports us so much, to those who provide food for us. It’s wonderful to feel that we are not alone, and it’s such a good feeling not to be worried about what we’ll eat tomorrow.” The efforts made by individuals have made a difference in the lives of those struggling. The nonprofit encourages people to donate directly or sign up to volunteer, as they have many opportunities nationwide.


For those looking for something more local, there are typically heaping amounts of food banks during the holiday season. By searching “food banks near me,” viewers can see local opportunities to give back.


There are many more opportunities to get involved this season, though these are just a few.  Many organizations go beyond just food as well, whether it be sheltering an animal or donating presents to children in need. The holidays are the perfect time to give support. 

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