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I'm A Girl's Girl, Are You?

A “Girl’s Girl” is a term that has gained popularity on TikTok in the past year or so. A girl’s girl is a woman who passionately supports other women. This can be specific to girls in this woman’s life or feminism as a whole. This may seem simple, but the term has more depth, which I intend to uncover. 

To me, being a girl’s girl is when you are sitting with a woman you barely know and notice her red lippy is on her teeth. Forgot your tampon and desperately need someone to magically pull one out of their bag? The girl who does it is your girl. You quietly and quickly pull her to the side and let her know, making sure nobody else has heard what you say. This is it. This is the term explained. You care about seeing the other woman having a successful and embarrassment-free evening going forward. You want her to be her best self just because you value other women smashing the game and doing well in life. It is simply having respect for female etiquette.

 A girl’s girl is a woman who is not petty and strives to be ethical and decent in her interactions with females around her. A good example of being a girl’s girl is a personal one I will divulge. I once went to a party with a friend of mine. I did not know anybody who would be at this party apart from the person I was attending with. I dressed pretty glamorously and was wearing my best dress. I did my makeup and hair well and felt pretty. When I arrived at the party, I received looks from people who knew who I was but were not sure of my character yet. The looks came across as judgmental. I am sure we have all been in this situation. I went to the bathroom halfway through the night, and this was when one girl came up to me and told me I looked beautiful. I felt so grateful to this girl and appreciated her words so much. This girl wanted me to feel included and appreciated in a space where I felt the opposite. This is probably my most memorable experience as a girl’s girl. 

Most women enjoy the company of other women. But there is a specific type of woman who finds the company of women wholly preferable. Social conditions can create this girl’s girl figure. It might be the woman who watched "Sex and the City” throughout university and grew up reading Jane Austen with their mum every night. It might also be the girl who never had any close girl friends in school and now appreciates their company more than ever. Ultimately, it is a choice of companionship that every woman can make. 

What makes someone an anti-girl’s girl? A boy’s girl? Does she say that your hair extensions are showing really loudly in front of others at the dinner table? Does she personally victimise herself in every setting? This girl is starting to sound like the classic “pick-me girl”. This is in alignment with the girl’s girl trend that went rampaging through people’s ‘for you’ pages on TikTok in the past year. “Pick me, choose me.” This is the female who wants attention drawn to her at all times and does not mind seeming weak to get it. She will put other women down in her spare time and choose male captivation as her main audience in life. The pick-me girl exaggerates her preferences to catch the male eye. Girl’s girls do not seek male approval and bolster other women. Funnily enough, in my experience, men are naturally drawn to women being themselves. Women supporting women is a common phrase that comes to mind. This phrase reminds me to be a girl’s girl and to support other women on this earth, even when they can be irritating. I question my immediate judgement and wonder if it is internalised misogyny creeping its way in. 

So if you are a girl’s girl, you are in excellent company. Celebrities such as Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon are all self-professed girl’s girls. Just because some women prefer sisterhood doesn't mean that they are incapable of loving and interacting with the other half of the population. Personally, I think this TikTok trend is among the most emotionally sound ones to date. 


Edited By Sanjana Srinivasan

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