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Innovative Involvement of Youth In Decision-Making

The participation of youth in decision-making processes is very crucial. This is the only time they are able to exercise their civil political rights and elect responsible leaders who can be held accountable for their actions. It is essential therefore to hold peaceful campaigns enshrined on civic education prior to elections to support young people positive attitude to influence decisions in democratic processes right from the national, regional and the local level. This further demonstrates their fully-fledged duties in involving themselves in development practices through meaningful inclusion and participation wholesomely.

Youth participation clearly demonstrates a likelihood that the needs of whatever kind of ideology they are proposing will definitely conform to their needs. Through this deliberate exercise, there is an aspect of peer-to-peer learning where diverse individuals share information on contrasting issues and tap into the knowledge of their leaders and collectively co-create solutions. Clarifying existing youth relationships during participation, paves way for effective leadership.

Leadership ability is one of the important aspects of the societal composition. Healthy leadership will strengthen unity among different races, resolve conflicts and be a catalyst for people to move towards a common goal. There is a need for youth to be critical and mindful in decision-making to avoid any uprising of a status quo. Youth are therefore encouraged to meaningfully participate in decision-making tables by being informed, enhancing their soft-skills, being peace ambassadors and committing to serve their communities. It is fundamental to recognize that youth are the mantle bearers and when given an opportunity to make informed decisions then they are deliberate in fending for their community needs.

Efforts put in place to enhance youth participation in decision-making through youth development programs or activities can indeed create credible, moral values of youth which elevates the roles and participation of youth in a society. There is a need to inculcate effective leadership through short courses, trainings and campaigns reinforced on creating positive attitudes. Young people involvement with adult-visionary leaders paves way to facilitate positive outcomes in their decisions and this is often realized when actionable goals are set in place as a strategy of empowering them.

Young people have however been turning away from established forms of democratic participation which is indeed a growing concern. This is defined by low voter turnout and decreasing membership in political parties, they are finding other innovative forms to replace this form of participation. There is a need to put critical emphasis in the development of public policy across all sectors of innovation and political desires for public authorities to embrace innovativeness. This will aid in defining the role of innovation within the context of youth participation in decision-making.

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