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Lambi Dehar Mines- An eerie location

The Lambi Dehar Mines are just a few kilometers away from Dehradun, infamous for being one of the most haunted sites in Uttarakhand. This place has many haunted tales attached to it. These mines are said to be panoramically influenced. The locals say that the presence of a malicious woman is witnessed at mines. Lambi Dehar Mines often tops the list of haunted places to visit in India. Over 50,000 workers suffered and died there from anguish. Locals used to claim that the workers would shout and cry at night. The nearby residents also claim to have heard their voices at night.

According to local folklore, the mines have been around since the British era, and the mining community that operated the mines formerly employed more than 50,000 people. According to reports, there was no safety management at all in the mines, and many miners died periodically. It is believed that the miners reportedly died over time from diseases brought on by prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals like lime. Due to this, the Lambi Dehar mines became a haunted mine in Mussorie since then. These mines were shut down since this incident, but there have been reports of accidents and strange panoramic occurrences.

Back in August 2022, I was just sitting with my friends when one of my friends told me about this haunted place. I never used to believe in ghosts so when I heard about the incidents that took place there I thought it was just a bluff. My friend refused and asked me to join him in investigating this place. I agreed and we decided to investigate this place the next night. Two of our friends also agreed to accompany us on this adventure.

The next day after our classes were over we came to our hostels and backed our backpacks in which we kept some important things like a torch, charger, power bank, water bottle, a small blanket etc. We started our journey at 9 PM after our dinner. We took the kimadi route so that we could experience the thrilling adventure of visiting a haunted place. Since I was a kid, I have heard a lot of such stories about haunted houses, ghosts, abandoned haunted places, etc. So it was always on my bucket list to visit any such place and go camping there. I was really nervous and excited at the same time. We reached halfway and we lost our internet connection. We kept on going and then after some time we saw a group of people so we stopped by and asked them about the route. They were quite drunk and said that even they were travelling to the same spot. They asked us to accompany them but we refused and left. Then we saw a shop which was opened so we assumed that it would probably be a shop of a local so we stopped and asked him about the route and place. He told us the route and also some stories related to the mines and asked us not to visit the place right now. So we decided to wait nearby and visit the place early morning. We went to clouds end and spent some time there. It was almost 4 AM and the sun was about to rise so we felt this was the correct time to start heading towards the mines.

We reached the administration block of the mines at around 5 AM. We went inside the administration block and investigated the whole place. The walls were all destroyed and people who had visited the place had written their names. The place gave really spooky vibes. We also headed towards the mines after the administration block. We trekked towards the mine and saw the sunrise from the top of the mine. When we were heading back towards the administration block I felt quite weird and it felt like I was losing my mind and we rushed from there. After reaching the administration block we saw many people roaming around, listening to music, clicking pictures, vlogging, etc. We decided to click some pictures as a memory and you won’t believe at what we saw. All the pictures focus on some other place rather than us. The camera kept on focusing on our back but not us. We had no clue why this happened and left the place. My experience was quite unreal. I have no idea what to believe in and what not to believe in. But this place seemed to be more like a tourist place rather than a haunted place.


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