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Law of Attraction


Ryma met me in the middle of December when I had some very dull days. She had a story to tell me, so she started as soon as she joined me on the evening tea. "I have found a living example of the Law of Attraction", she started with this immediate statement which amused me. I corrected my posture and relaxed on the couch with my mug of tea.

Ryma outlined Carson lives on a hill in Rumbor, the second largest village in Kailash Valley, crippled in both legs since childhood, and walks with the help of his hands. The place has to have trekked, and the other way is by stairs. Greek volunteers have built three and a half hundred steps to Carson's house. These straightforward and complicated steps start from the river and climb through vines, walnut, apple, and mulberry trees. The blessings arrive at Carson's home, whose disability makes him one of the world's most unusual individuals.

God has endowed him with various artistic skills in both his hands and mind. He was artistically gifted from birth and produced the most stunning wood sculptures. The aorta of his trade is the horse. He cuts wood, rubs and digs it, shapes it into a horse, and makes it perfect. This art he learned in just one day. He couldn't leave his house because he was a child with a disability, so he spent the entire day sitting on the bed. He used to use a knife to strip wood. Although the wood occasionally turned into an arrow, a bow, a boy, a girl, a bird, and even a rabbit, he was happier to create horses.

In those days, Bomburit was home to a sculptor named Mila. He previously carved wooden idols as well. He learned about it, so one day he packed up his equipment and made his way into the forest to Carson's home. Mila took a piece of wood and began to carve it. Carson kept an eye on him. The artist created a wooden horse and stated, "Now keep building it this way," while holding the horse in his hand. Carson received all of his tools from Mila. Mila completed the task and returned, teaching Carson for one day. Carson started making sculptures with the teacher's supplies, and he quickly gained international recognition.

Ryma said that she came to know about Carson when she trekked Rumbor. She went to Kailash a few months ago and walked into the house of this disabled artist, and his art amazed her. When she came back, she was dying to tell me about Carson. She said, "I have found a living example of the Law of Attraction" I looked at her in amazement. She said, you witness white people traveling from Europe to Kailash and then from Kailash to his residence to purchase his sculptures. This disabled artist has not descended from the mountain until today.

Isn't this an example of the law of attraction, where a guy sits on a mountain and creates sculptures hoping people will come and buy them?

Ryma said there was a small platform when she visited Carson, and five of his masterpieces lay there. Two large horses, which had riders seated on them. The disabled artist had rendered the figures of riders and horses in a wood. One rider was laughing while the other looked serious, but both were complete.


Ryma said she purchased one from five masterpieces Carson has made and placed it on her study table. She now looks at it daily and praises the Law of Attraction wholeheartedly.

God sent his most beloved creature, man, into this world and gave him the gift of the Law of Attraction. The man thought of turning night into day, and then he did it. The man thought of fighting diseases. Man can cure nearly every condition. He decided to increase his speed and made humanity able to fly aeroplanes. Man has also connected the world through Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype, so today, this phrase has become a reality.

All of this is the conclusion of the law of attraction, which states that if you put in the effort to reach out to or draw the world to you, it will come to you, and you will do so in Aurangabad, India. There are Ajanta caves. Thousands of years ago, unidentified people painted on the walls of these caverns. These people must have imagined that one day, people would travel to these caves and view their work. When people eventually arrived, they did so and admired the unidentified artists. Moroccan architects were responsible for creating Cordoba's mosque. When the mosque was built, and its pillars were carved, the builders believed that the entire world would witness their masterpiece one day.

After the Muslims lost control of Cordoba in 1236, Christian priests removed the pillars and erected a chapel smack in the centre of the mosque. Although the mosque hasn't changed much, the Law of Attraction is still evident. Today, visitors from throughout the globe visit our tiny mosque. The Pyramids of Egypt and Mohan Judaro are tangible illustrations of the Law of Attraction; these works of art were built by people thousands of years ago. We can admire their beauty for a long time, but inside that church, there is a rush of wild and arrogant laughing.

Ryma concluded her O'log with, "It is not possible that a human being has done something unique and remained hidden from the eyes of the world. It is also not likely that a human being thinks something great and it does not appear in the world. What we think also happens, and whatever we do will reach the world someday; only if one works hard and with sincerity, whether the work is hidden from the whole world, will their work still get the world. If mercy can get Carson, it will contact any of you too, but all you have to do is create a masterpiece.

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