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National Eggnog Day Is Approaching

Teresa Iovieno       

December 20, 2022    

Eggnog has been served on Christmas Eve since the early 13th century in Europe. Back in the day, medieval monks in Britain drank posset which was a warm ale punch that included eggs and figs and is now known as the modern-day “eggnog”. Eggnog was popularized during the holiday season in the 1700s in the United States. The classic eggnog recipe has now evolved and people add all sorts of ingredients. National Eggnog Day | December 24

Eggnog is a historical beverage that everyone enjoys during the holiday season; it is a milk punch with an egg that is chilled throughout the day and is usually made with alcohol, specifically rum or whiskey depending on what people prefer, however, bourbon and vodka are sometimes used too. Of course, Eggnog can also be made without alcohol for everyone to enjoy. 

The classic drink includes:  

  • Four egg yolks 

  • 1/3 cup of sugar 

  • One pint of whole milk 

  • One cup of heavy cream 

  • Three ounces of any preferred liquor 

  • One teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg 

  • Four egg whites 


Christmas Eve is the day when people celebrate and spend time together after a month of Christmas shopping. Families and friends get together and enjoy the holidays with treats and drinks. During the holidays, you will see eggnog flavors throughout the grocery store in December. There is eggnog-flavored coffee, tea, baked goods, and puddings. Eggnog cookies are baked as a treat for people to enjoy with their beverages. 

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Eggnog has changed its classic drink form since the early 13th century as it is now served as a treat during the holiday season as well. Having eggnog, the day before Christmas Eve is a tradition that brings everyone together. 



Happy Holidays!

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