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National Privacy Day is Approaching

Teresa Iovieno         

January 26, 2023      

January 28 is known as Data Privacy Day, internationally known in the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Israel, and forty-seven other countries. This day reminds every individual about the privacy that they have on social media and other websites as well.  



Privacy is essential due to hackers worldwide. Data Privacy Day, initiated by the Council in Europe, began in 2007. Furthermore, in 2009, Data Privacy Day was acknowledged by the United States House of Representatives. To this day, other worldwide organizations recognize how important it is to keep personal information from others.  

 Data Privacy Day is simple: Social media and other outlets are constantly collecting personal data. The internet is the number one source for hackers. Data has always been saved on the internet; keep your data from others, and follow these simple steps to protect your data and keep your data private from others trying to hack you.  

Steps to protect your personal information: 

  • Put your privacy setting on.  

  • Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi. 

  • Check the cards that are in your wallet on your phone every day. 

  • When you spot anything questionable, contact the organization to stop payment on the purchase and cancel your card immediately. 

  • Update software immediately; it's harder for hackers to hack new updates. 

  • Keep personal information from others. 

  • Do not go on random websites.  

  • Do not take random surveys. 

  • Be sure the password is strong; the longer the password, the more difficult it will be for hackers to access.  

  • Never save passwords on any devices.  

  • Change passwords monthly.  

  • Make sure to use virus protection on your devices.  

National Privacy Data Day is not a day to celebrate; it serves as a reminder to check your privacy on social media and other platforms. Privacy is crucial: Information is easy to take, even when people have no clue when it is happening. Always be sure your notifications are on to inform you when someone is logging into your account. Enjoy having your life private on technology, and have a great day! 

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