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Ramadan 2023: A Chance For Creating Healthy Diet

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims worldwide, where they fast from dawn to sunset. This year Thursday 23 of March marks the first day of Ramadan.

During this time, eating foods that provide enough energy and nutrients to sustain the body throughout the day is essential. A balanced diet is necessary during Ramadan, including a variety of food from all the groups and drinking water, and staying hydrated throughout the day, especially if the person is a worker or a student.

There are essential foods that have become a tradition for Muslim families on Ramadan’s table every night and they are among the most beneficial foods for the body. Here are some:

Dates are the most popular food to break the fast with, as they are high in sugar, providing an instant energy source and a good source of fiber, potassium and magnesium. Almost every family must have dates on the table before Iftar (the Arabic word for breaking the fast).

Yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium and can improve digestive health.

Lentils are a great source of protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Low fat and high iron are essential for energy production. Lentils are used in soups and are the preferable dish to start with besides vegetables and salad.

Whole grains like rice and whole wheat bread are good sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin B; they can help provide energy throughout the day.

Chicken and meats are good protein sources and can be prepared in various ways, grilled, baked or boiled and used in soups or salads.

Fruits and nuts where can help hydrate the body during the day and are good sources of protein and vitamins.

However, this year, the economic situation that most countries face is impacting the way of celebrating Ramadan.

Many people will be unable to afford traditional Ramadan foods that have been mentioned or participate in social gatherings as they have in the past years.

But although all that people pass through, they always find a way to have faith in Allah and take the chance to help each other through challenging circumstances.

It is not a month for just fasting or not about only eating and drinking. Ramadan will remain a time of spiritual renewal, prayers and a chance to create healthy habits and break unhealthy cycles to develop as a person.

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