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The iconic Birkin

The luxury brand Hermes is largely responsible for the creation of this fashion icon. The brand, founded in 1837, started with the production of horse saddles, equestrian shin guards, breeches, bridles, equestrian spurs, whips, and gloves, among other articles for the sport. But at the turn of the century when the automobile was created, they wanted to be present in this new world and stay relevant in a changing scenario, and one of them was the women's handbag. 

Birkin has been around since 1984 and got its name from the famous singer, songwriter, actress, and model Jane Birkin. The iconic story began when by chance the actress was on the same flight to London as Hermes director Jean-Louis Dumas. Jane dropped the things that were inside her handbag in front of Jean and jokingly said that there was not a spacious enough handbag on the market that would satisfy the needs of a woman. She said that there was no such thing as a purse that could fit all the items of everyday life and even suggested an idea with pockets and zippers. 

From this meeting, Jane and Jean began to mature the idea of creating a handbag for the modern woman. They set about creating a bag that would be functional, large enough for everyday life and travel, have zippers so that the contents could not fall out, an elegant bag but most importantly, one with Hermes DNA. She then suggested, "Why don't you create a bag that is bigger than the Kelly but smaller than a Serge bag?"

The Birkin is the designer's most collected item, supposedly the easiest model to use and of course a status symbol. The bag has a shape that never changes, it is a classic. But it is also known for having different sizes and colours, every season a new size and colour is released and this is what people look for when they want to go out and find a Birkin for themselves.

The designers who created these bags fifty, no years ago were brilliant. They went for iconic shapes, which today collectors and buyers all over the world identify with. It is ironic because when you look at it, it does not show that it is from a luxury brand, but everyone knows that it is a Hermes Birkin. 

Another factor that makes it iconic and exclusive in fashion is the number of Birkin models produced. Because the number of copies produced per year is limited and demand is much higher than availability. The production process is exquisite, not only in terms of material but also of techniques and experts in these methods. The Birkin has been the same since the 80s. 

 If you buy one of these pieces, you know that it will not only keep the shape impeccable but that the style will never go out of style. The Birkin has managed to pass the test of time, and that makes it more and more of a classic product. Trends come and go, but it stays. It is very stylish and has the potential to outperform some competitors. 

The handbag has the advantage of being a very personal object, reflecting your style as a person, the profession you practice, and where you live, so there is something for everyone, for all tastes and types of people.

edited by Palak Chauhan




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