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June (The month of Pride) is ongoing, and everyone across the world is celebrating and breaking all the stereotypes connected with love. People globally make the month of June special by breaking the barriers that restrict people from loving each other based on their gender preference.

Even our country India has become modern with this. Although many people still think homosexuality is a disease and a problem.

 Well, time is changing, and the people of India are accepting this with pride. Some are passionately educating, those who think it is a problem, even after article 377, got decriminalized.

But, Saturday 12-06- 2021 will be remembered as a landmark in the history of India. The Odisha Government has come up with a plan to change the mindset and attitude of the people who hate and disrespect the LGBTQ community.

 The Govt. of Odisha has announced that they will be welcoming applications from the 'Transgender Community' for the post of Sub-inspectors and Constables.

But what is this about? Which and how many posts would be there? The Odisha Police recruitment board made it clear, that they will be welcoming men, women, and transgender people for the appointment, of 477 sub-inspectors and 224 Constables.

 The application portal will remain open from June 22 to July 15.

The Director-General of Police Abhay told the reporters in Cuttack- "I welcome all the qualified men, women with the people from the transgender community to join The Odisha Police as Constables (communication) and Sub-inspectors to serve the people of the state.

Also, adding to this, he said that differently-abled people will not be eligible to apply.

 He also stated, that the recruitment to the SI post, will be done by the main police cadre. While the constable (communications) is a technical cadre. Before this announcement, the Govt. of Odisha decided to recruit people from the trans community as 'JAIL WARDERS,' but the decision is still yet to be undertaken. The Odisha Kinner and third gender Mahasangh, a transgender body, welcomed the choice of the Odisha Police and thanked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

 Mahasangh founder president Pratap Kumar Sahu said- "For the first time, a public advertisement has been issued, seeking applications from transgender people for government jobs in the state. Allowing transgender people in the force, will not only boost the confidence of the community but, also change society's perception of them.

The Mahasangh also requested the Govt. of Odisha to give relaxation to Trans people in the physical test as they might not be able to compete with Men and Women in running and other physical activities.

 States like Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan have already set examples by recruiting people from the transgender community in the Police force. And this step should be taken by other governments as well.

Guys, it is high time that we respect people from the LGBTQ Community and see them as dignified people of society. I know time is changing, and we all are progressing, eliminating the set approach of considering homosexuality as a disease but, most of us discriminate against them on their sexual orientation and preference.

 India, a developing nation, most likely to become a developed nation in the next ten years, is expanding its economy, and resources rapidly. Considering all this, do you think a nation can be tagged as DEVELOPED until all the people are treated equally? We still pass cheap and vulgar comments on these people. Some negative elements still try to spread hate for the LGBTQ community and try to satisfy themselves that we are the superior people.

 Decriminalizing 377, inviting people from the transgender community to the police, and allowing them to stand in elections, are some steps that are making a huge difference in society, and positively. People need to understand this.

Concluding, I want to urge you not to judge a person, based on his/her sexual preference.  Do not make them feel down, inferior or sad. They are part of society, and hate destroys a nation, including India. Adopting this kind of thinking will be of no harm at all.

 Every person has their preference of loving someone no matter what the gender is. It is all about loving people for who they are. Parents, try educating your children regarding the same and ask them to share what they feel and who they love with you without fear and prejudices.




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