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The Six Best "Girl Talk" Podcasts

If you are a woman who listens to podcasts, you are probably familiar with the solace that “Girl Talk” podcasts provide. I define a Girl Talk podcast broadly as a podcast hosted by two chatty women who discuss topics that interest them with the intended audience being other women. The topics range from anything from pop culture to history. This genre of podcast provides a very specific kind of comfort and entertainment. There is simply something about listening to women speak for an intended audience of women that is like salve to the mind.

As an avid listener of this genre, I am confident that I have seven superb podcasts to recommend:


I am starting off strong, with my favorite podcast. Binchtopia is hosted by Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb, two young women who are in addition to being charming and hilarious, are both incredibly intelligent in their own right. What is special about Binchtopia is the hosts regularly cover both pop culture and internet drama as well as political and sociological issues. Eliza and Julia engage with every topic, including the internet drama, through a critical lens that will have you as impressed as you will be engaged.

Drama Fiends-

If you are a fan of theater, more specifically musical theater, then this is the podcast for you. Drama Fiends is a new podcast with less than ten episodes so now is the ideal time to hop on the bandwagon. Fiona and Juliana will delight you weekly with their passion for their favorite topic, theater. Episodes thus far include discussion of the HBO Documentary “Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known” and a review of POTUS, the hit Broadway play. Because the hosts Fiona and Juliana are best friends with a shared history, they have impeccable chemistry that makes you feel like you are the third friend in their lively theatre discussions.

Celebrity Memoir Book Club-

Have you ever wanted to know the highlights of the story a celebrity shares in their memoir without actually reading the memoir itself? Celebrity Memoir Book Club is just the podcast for you. This podcast ranges from comedic to very heartfelt. Plenty of the episodes have the hosts roasting terrible celebrity memoirs. (I recommend the episode “Ellen DeGeneres is Seriously Kidding” if you want to laugh at the famed talk show hosts’ truly awful book.) However, just as many episodes of the podcast are earnest discussions of the well-written stories of the famous.

No Country for Young Women-

The tagline of this podcast is “Life, love and work in a white man's world. Let's help each other figure it out!” and this sentiment truly encapsulates the show. Sadia Azmat and Monty Onanuga cover a broad series of topics under the umbrella of race, womanhood and feminism in this dynamic podcast. Sadia and Monty offer their perspectives on everything from motherhood to gentrification and consistently bring guests on the show to further engage with a topic. While No Country for Young Women ended in 2020, there is still two years’ worth of episodes for your entertainment and education.

The History Chicks-

Hosts of The History Chicks, Susan and Beckett, know that you were probably taught history through the white male lens. The History Chicks have taken it upon themselves to help right this wrong by focusing on the stories of female historical figures, giving them the spotlight that your history class probably never did. Their episodes are very well researched and they do an amazing job of painting a vivid picture of each woman they discuss. Additionally, Susan and Beckett have lovely banter that only further engages the listener.


Shameless is another podcast where the chemistry of the hosts alone will have you coming back episode after episode. However, that is far from everything this show has to offer. Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald delve deep into the celebrity stories and scandals that we know from over the years but may not know the whole story of. Michelle and Zara approach these stories with a level of empathy that the media never does, giving them an entirely new perspective.  

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Editor: Lindsey Neri

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