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The Social Media And Its Impacts In Our World Today

What is Social Media?

There was a time when the internet for used only for informational purposes, gaming, watching a video, listening to songs, and gaining knowledge. People don’t spend hours over the internet and were more into the physical world. Many got busy with their lives and job. But as time passed, the internet began to change, and it became technologically more advanced and powerful, to adapt to this 21st century, modern world. Where each and everything needs to be updated only. 


Earlier people used to gather in person and meet physically, but this trend of meeting in the physical world got replaced by a whole new virtual, world where people connect and meet on the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere, sit at home, open your computer or phone and start connecting and socializing with people around the world.

This virtual world is called the “Social media World” over the internet and can be used through different social media platforms like-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

And many more that people generally don’t like to use due to their popularity and specifications. Through these platforms, one could easily connect to any known or unknown person.

These social media platforms are not only helpful in connecting people but also in changing the lifestyle of people positively. It is also influencing people negatively. Let us have a look at how social media is affecting people around the world so rapidly.


Positive Impacts Of Social Media

Apart from connecting people and helping them to socialize virtually, these platforms are doing a lot than we think-


Political Check-


We all know the world revolves around politics and how people in today’s world are into politics. Politicians pay close watch to every activity of the political world. With the advent and power of social media, politicians can convey their views, thoughts, and opinion about any opposing party or leader, and the people can do the same. Twitter is playing a leading role in this aspect.


Content Creation- 


 Social Media has become a platform for many people to create a variety of content and entertain people. It is helping many people to showcase their talent to the world, which was hard to do in years before.


Changing Lifestyle-


The people who influence others through fashion, food, grooming, gaming, and inks are called ‘Influencers.’ They also guide others to adopt certain things and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.


Helping Hand- 


Social media is proving its worth by connecting people and content creation. It is also lending helping hands to people in need. SM does this by linking them to the right people who can help or procure solutions to their problems. When people post their queries or the challenges they are facing on their social media handles, it gets sorted out almost immediately. Social media has been so helpful during this ongoing pandemic and saved and is saving so many lives.


Negative Side Of Social Media


We have looked at the positive sides of social media and the power it wields. Yet, as we all know, everything in this world has two sides, the positive and negative. Here are a few ill sides of social media.




One of the loudest and glaring drawbacks of social media is the insecurities it offers people. People are compelled to compare themselves and their lifestyles with that of other people, especially celebrities. Many lose focus, doubt their capabilities and strengths, while others become frustrated and depressed as they see others enjoying, partying, and living a healthy and wealthy life. Unhealthy comparisons like this also disturb their mental health.




Cyberbullying is not only a problem in the physical world but also the virtual world. Some cowards bully and harass others via their stories and posts. They become trolls via their tweets, abuse, body shame, pass vulgar and cheap comments, especially on female profiles making social media the most unsafe place.


Fake News-


 It is no news that social media platforms are the leading producer of fake news. Whatsapp, the famous chatting App, is the largest producer of fake news on social media. When fake news is transferred and circulated among people, they believe it without searching out and investigating the truths for themselves, the facts and figures, and what the information contains before disseminating it to the world. Habits like this create panic and tension among people most of the time. So people must guard against receiving and distributing questionable pieces of information. 


Privacy Breach-


 Privacy is a crucial concern on social media as every year, loads of data are leaked to a large mass of people. Privacy breach includes; leaking of private chats, email id, photos, videos, account information, and other sensitive pieces of data.


Without a doubt, I believe that Social media is the most powerful tool in the world today to raise your voice, views, and opinions. One can use it to better society and people in many ways. At the same time, many others can use it to destroy communities, families, and personalities by spreading fake news, hate speech, leaking data, and cyberbullying. 


It is up to us to make the right decisions on social media.


Vardaan Gulla


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