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Top 8 Websites To Use When You Are Bored

The internet is no doubt a limitless destination where you can pass your time for hours without getting the feeling of relatedness. This is because of the vast variety of options and genres of entertainment sources on the internet. Social media like Instagram and Twitter can provide you with an escape from your boredom but scrolling through the posts and reels can become boring too. 

Sometimes all you need to do is surf aimlessly through the resources that the internet offers to us. Not only might these options prove entertaining but also feel productive. With diversifying genres, from food to fashion to travel, here are the top 8 websites that can potentially be a cure to your boredom and will instill energy in your dull day-to-day lifestyle. 


1. Cookiesound

Cookiesound is a travel blog whose major idea is to share stories from a mother-daughter tour and travel around different parts of the world. It consists of photos of their experiences across the world and through this blog, they have created an excellent compilation of their journey across the world.

This is a perfect site for passionate travelers as they can easily figure out the enthusiasm from the pair’s photographs in front of the most historic and well-known destinations in the world. So if one is running a travel blog, it’s most important to recognize the fact that photos can create a loyal audience base that will make them keep coming back, just because of the real-life experience that photographs provide them with. Thus, Cookiesound is the living evidence for the popular phrase, a picture tells a thousand words.


2. POPxo

POPxo is your perfect stop for a pass time. From entertainment updates to beauty and shopping, one can browse through the website for hours. It gives you ideas on fashion trends and celebrity news that will keep you hooked. It is a website that has its base on women empowerment and job opportunities for women. They have video content that targets young audiences by offering relatable content. You can select between the different genres of content depending on your needs and preferences.


3. ScoopWhoop

Scoop Whoop is a news website with the latest updates on the trending happenings around the world. It has different heads in various categories like humor, travel, comedy, Bollywood, and many more. It has a section on the spotlight, that is, the most interesting and read-about event of the week. Not only will this enhance your knowledge in a fun way but also will keep you stuck on their website.


4. Giphy

GIFs are a fun way of communicating through illustrations and images. GIFs help you react to messages and will take you to recognize some of the most epic reactions of all time. Giphy is a GIF search engine on the Internet. Even if you don't have anything specific in mind, you can look at what's trending on the top page or browse the categories. Save those GIFs for when you are texting your friends and have the perfect GIF to send for every message. 


5. 9GAG

Memes are a perfect way of entertainment. Memes posted on social media might become repetitive and boring. 9GAG brings you fresh and unseen content in the form of videos and images that will make news and events interesting. Reading through the posts might be time taking so this website presents you with what can easily pass your time and do away with your boredom. When information is accompanied by visuals, storytelling becomes easier and one gets engrossed in the world of illustrations and images.


6. Autocorrect fail

The most epic fails on the internet are here on autocorrect fails. These are hilarious posts that highlight the funniest fails and memes of all time. If you have a smartphone, you've probably had to explain all your autocorrect word changes by exchanging tons of texts and engaging in worthless explanations for the same. Autocorrect Fail is a collection of hilarious messages exchanged between people who have encountered all of the communication issues that come with using autocorrect on a mobile device.


7. Eat This, Not That

Who doesn’t love food? I am sure there have been times when you get bored and suddenly feel hungry because you do not find anything else to do. Eat this, not that is a website that brings you food facts and information that you probably never knew. They showcase interesting content on all types of food items - be it sweets, dry fruits, or even vegetables. Know about your favorite food items and the next time you eat them, you will keep those astonishing facts in mind. 


8. Apartment therapy 

If you like home design or DIY projects in any way, this is a website you can find yourself spending hours upon hours on. There's a lot of great visual and written stuff on this website. Their "before and after" series, "small spaces" series, and tours of people's actual apartments and homes are among my favorites. Redesigning your apartment can be a perfect alternative when you are bored and for this, apartment therapy gives you all the more suggestions on how to execute it.

They also feature a wealth of useful articles on everything from how to remodel your stairs to how to make use of that awkward area above your refrigerator. There's plenty of valuable and entertaining material on this site, making it ideal for endless browsing.

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