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Top Ten Gifts for the Holiday Season Ahead


There’s still some time to prepare for the holidays and save money on meaningful gifts that the people in your life will find helpful, whether it’s an experience type of gift, a handmade present, or a membership for a monthly surprise.


Gift idea - Shopping local!


Local stores and markets have brilliant last-minute gifts; some of them are puzzles or Do-it-yourself kits to make models perfect for creative family members.


Fair Jewelry France, SAVE 31% - pinarproperties.com


Local Craft fairs for handmade gifts!


Holiday markets often have local crafters who make bespoke jewellery or even a type of ‘Bake in a mug’ type kit, which has all the ingredients needed for a festive treat, like spiced gingerbread or another festive staple.


Cookie Mix in a Jar with FREE Printable - I Heart Naptime 

You can even make this one yourself as a present!

Gift idea - Experience-type gifts!


 Some family members or friends might like a gift they can do together as a fun boredom buster. A day experience can be a fun, educational gift or a unique experience that might become a fun hobby or memory.

Half-Hour Horse Riding Experience in the Outback 2022 - Katherine - Viator


Horse Riding all-year experience for everyone!  


Perhaps a day to learn surfing, Post boxing (A type of search and find the stamp rambling game, with a booklet to stamp), and something like horseriding would be fun for outdoorsy types, or a family trip to make a keepsake to customise at a pottery studio, maybe even a trip to the local theatre with a voucher of gift card that can be used once, or year-round. 


The Painting Pottery Cafe


Family-friendly Pottery Courses as a fun idea to enjoy a new Hobby... 

Gift Idea - Educational or rainy day subscription boxes…


These can be fun for all ages and depending on whether the subscription lists an age, they can be done together as a family or all by themselves.


These range from STEM boxes, such as Kiwi Co., starting at entertaining children as young as newborns with things such as colourful flashcards, stackable wooden blocks, textures board book, shape and size sorting toys, and a book of suggestions on how you can use the kit.


Their current range, from four upwards, explores Learning through play and can study things such as why Rainbows happen after it rains, or a Doctor play kit, with an interactive feelings chart and a book about how to use the various everyday situations to learn about feelings and empathy.    


The following few crates focus on Art and science to do one project for experimental play and learning, with each box changing themes every three months.


Older children can learn more about the world with geography and culture in the kits aimed at widening their understanding but making it fun and engaging, with one kit even focusing on the science of cooking and flavours or engineering and science by making different things with crystal growing or a simple robot.



Even those first-time crafts that may sound complicated, like resin DIYs, are also an option for a rainy day crafting with suggestions and illustrated instructions, and everything you need, from stirring tools to measuring cups, and a theme each month or three months, depending on which one you choose.


The Elves box by Sophie and Toffee is loosely based around a theme, making charms and frames, or interactive items, with resin pigments, stickers, moulds, and glitters to use in the DIY.


There are even past boxes at a discount you can order to try out for making wax seals to put on letters, stained glass hanging window ornaments or snow globes.



Or the Pixie box, which is more holiday-themed but has some sweet themed projects such as Under the Sea, where you can make a shaker charm with small fish to go on a bag or keep as a fidget toy.



Gift Idea Healthy eating for the New Year!


Making resolutions is hard, especially if certain vegetables at the supermarket are sprayed with solutions to make them last longer.


Wasting food is also an issue on a tighter budget, especially if there are family will allergies or special diets, so a subscription to a Zero-waste food box would be perfect for trying out.


Hello Fresh! Do cards as gifts too, or you can send a subscription to someone as well, with a plan for under twenty pounds that gets delivered and won’t defrost or have excess packaging, another great thing for any resolutions trying to cut down on that.




One of their gift cards can be anything up to 6-12 months for as little as £20 pounds, which could be a practical and healthy gift.

However, a fun gift idea might be growing your own salad just to teach the kids that growing things like watercress for egg sandwiches are fun or that Lettuce tastes better than in salad bags at the supermarket.


You don’t even need a garden to do this, just a suitable space by a sunny window, perhaps in your kitchen. 


There are even kits for it, too, like these from Thompson and Morgan.

Most of them won’t break the bank, at around ten pounds per kit.


If Growing vegetables or fruits isn’t something someone would like, there’s also a mini Acer Bonsai to try!



Gift Idea - Multiple choice gift cards


It is never easy knowing what to get that someone special someone, and it can be a puzzle this time of year.


With Giftcards an obvious but sometimes overlooked gift, they can be used online or in stores and even come in gift boxes to be directly delivered or sent by email.


There can Use all types used online and in any store, entertainment and Eatery, which is ideal for families.


One4All can be spent at over one hundred different places and can be ideally used at any time since the balance lasts up to a year after purchase.




Some can be used for online games that your younger family plays, like Roblox, a sandbox game used by all ages and can be creative and educational.

If they already have a console by Nintendo, there are cards for that too, which can be used to purchase any game or in-game purchases they would like to get for themselves as long as it’s within the budget of the card balance.



Hopefully, this gave you plenty of last-minute gift ideas you can get for the holidays in no time at all and even on a budget.

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