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Morphe Declares Bankruptcy As They Close all U.S. stores

The once renowned brand is now on the brink of bankruptcy, as they have announced going forward that they are set to close down all the Morphe stores in the U.S. Like many others, you may have heard about Morphe through your favourite influencers at a time when the brand was built on the power of its collaborations with some of the biggest names in the makeup industry.


People like Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, and James Charles were the biggest supporters and contributors to the financial success that Morphe gained. The brand is best known for its inexpensive palettes, which contain 35 eyeshadows and cost around £25.


While working with big stars can be a quick way to success, it can also be the cause of their demise. The biggest issue became the fact that they had no reputation of their own, and outside people's loyalty to the collaborators that were purchasing the products meant that they were heavily reliant on them to promote their products to be successful.


This worked for a while, but when the beauty community on YouTube became problematic with many accusations against the stars that were collaborating with Morphe, it impacted their sales.


Jaclyn Hill, a big fan of Morphe and the many products she created with them, from eye shadows to foundation, came under fire when she launched her own line of lipsticks, which was an epic failure. People found hair, dirt, and bubbles within the product, and many of them were melted before they even had a chance to try them. This took a hit on her credibility, with her breaking the trust of her loyal fans, in turn affecting Morphe.


Both James Charles and Jeffrey Star have had their own controversies, with Star being labelled a racist after some comments he made, and James Charles being accused of sending sexual texts to underage boys under the age of 16, despite his claim at the time that he had no idea of their age. As a result, Morphe had to break ties as a way of saving their reputation.


Without the media coverage and support of these big influencers, a shortage of product sales has caused Morphe to take a step back and reevaluate the future of the brand. Although the brand is currently going through a difficult period, there is no saying that it couldn't come back stronger and use this as a lesson to grow its brand even further.


We wish them all the best.




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