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32 Years Without Freddie Mercury

Ricardo Paulino

It was November 24, 1991 when one of the most important rock stars of our times, Freddie Mercury, said goodbye forever, at Logan Place, Garden Lodge, his residence in West London, along with the people closest to the artist: his boyfriend, Jim Hutton, his chef, his personal assistant Peter Freestone, as well as Mary Austin, her unconditional love and support.

Mercury was an outstanding showman for his time. Leader and founder of Queen, born in Tanzania and raised in West London. He would later study graphic design and design at Ealing College of Art, graduating in 1969, a skill that allowed Freddie to design part of the band's costumes, as well as the iconic Queen logo.

A little extravagant on stage, Freddie always knew how to win the love and affection of his fans. He was one of the main personalities to declare himself openly homosexual in a society in which esteem and homophobia reigned, and there were many inequalities for the time. However, Farrokh Bulsara—his real name— always wanted to be one of the champions of the LGBTI+ movement of the 80's and firmly assumed his sexual orientation to serve as an inspiration for those who were socially silenced due to their preferences.

The Bulsara family was originally from India, and Freddie was born in Tanzania. In the early 1960s they moved to Feltham, London, where they began a new life after the revolution that occurred on the East African island. As a curious fact, Mercury worked in the kitchen at Heathrow Airport years before achieving world fame with his group Queen.

He contracted HIV, and later had AIDS. Modern science was not so advanced for the time, so as time went by the British artist's health weakened and his reign was put aside and on the way to eternity. He first confessed his condition to his bandmates, and then finally made it public 24 hours before his death at his Garden Lodge mansion in Kensington.

Since then, thousands of fans from all over the world stopped by his mansion to take photos, leave letters, flowers, and everything that allows them to experience the feeling of being able to be where their idol once lived.

An icon, a legend that cannot be forgotten, Freddie Mercury: The Queen Frontman




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