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All About the Moon Knight: Marvel's New Character

Disney+ released the first episodes of Moon Knight. This is another production about a Character from the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU). Disney+ Production features Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, namely the Moon Knight. The premiere of Moon Knight's series took place on March 30 on the streaming service.

It is important to note that the Moon Knight trailer had its release overnight on the first full moon of the year. This happened on January 17th. It is known to many as the "wolf moon" in the Northern Hemisphere. So it's a tribute to the Moon Knight, as his first appearance was in a Marvel Werewolf comic book.

About the series

In the first episodes, it is possible to notice that the character of Oscar Isaac has a kind of sleep disorder in which he cannot know the difference between dreams and reality. So there are several moments when he even makes a mix between real life and daydreaming. 

In addition, people call him Steven and Marc, which can present countless vigilante personalities. In the plot, we will still have the actor, Ethan Hawke, from the film A Night of Crime, and Gaspard Ulliel, the long Hannibal, the Origin of Evil. Both actors will be the villains of the series. 

Learn the story of the Moon Knight

The Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf comic history. Moon Knight aimed to hunt the beast after being hired to do so. However, he realized that the Werewolf was the good guy in the story and helped him catch the real villains. 

Therefore, it appeared in other stories of the Marvel characters for 5 years. Only after that, he managed to be the protagonist of his own comic. The complexity of the Moon Knight is greater than one might imagine due to his personality disorder. 

There are cases that this affects negatively, but there are situations in which it is quite useful to defeat enemies. Therefore, he can use powers through the moon or just use technological devices as a weapon against crime.  


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