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Allan Palacios Chan Releases New Christmas Single, 'Coventry Carol/What Child is This'

In a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, Allan Palacios Chan, the acclaimed Philippine-born American tenor, introduces a captivating Christmas medley, "Coventry Carol/What Child is This". Released on November 21, this exquisite musical offering transcends time and beautifully intertwines centuries-old melodies with a contemporary allure.

Rooted in a fortuitous encounter during Chan's 2022 philanthropic tour in the Philippines, this medley marks a collaboration with industry luminaries such as acclaimed arranger Leonardo de Bernardini (Leo Z). Chan’s transformative interpretation resonates deeply, offering more than just a festive tune—it's an evocative journey that spans chant, baroque, pop, and opera influences, leaving a trace of enchantment and mystery in its wake. His artistic brilliance shines through, embracing hearts with warmth and calmness as the holiday spirit beckons, enveloping the audience in its warm hug!

Crafted at LA's Village Studios, Chan collaborated with a distinguished team of artisans, including Grammy-winning mastering engineer Eric Boulanger and a chamber orchestra comprised of graduates from prestigious institutions like Juilliard and Curtis. This artistic synergy resulted in a lush sonic landscape where antique instruments harmoniously entwined with modern finesse. At the heart of this medley lies the juxtaposition between "Coventry Carol," resonating with the haunting echoes of King Herod's era, and the tender, timeless melody of "What Child is This." Chan's reflection on this stark contrast acquires an unexpected relevance in today's world, infusing the piece with haunting depth and emotional resonance. His words echo the chilling relevance this music attained during the recording process, amidst a world seemingly ablaze with turmoil.

As Allan Palacios Chan's transcendent medley graces the holiday season, it becomes apparent that his musical journey is poised for even greater heights. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of music, highlighting his stature as a luminary artist unbounded by genre or convention. His ability to harmonise historical depth with contemporary resonance reflects an artist on the brink of redefining boundaries. With a voice that echoes centuries and a spirit that embraces innovation, Chan stands as a beacon of musical evolution. This single release isn't just a testament to his current prowess; it's a prelude to the boundless possibilities awaiting this remarkable tenor. Allan Palacios Chan's potential, it seems, knows no bounds.

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