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Andrew Tate is Winning the Internet for All the Wrong Reasons

In the introduction of Piers Morgan’s interview with Andrew Tate on his chat show named Piers Morgan Uncensored, he described Andrew Tate as the most famous man you probably never heard of. He owns supercars, yachts, and multi-million mansions and is never shy of flexing it when given an opportunity. 

'Who is Andrew Tate?' was one of the most searched questions on Google in 2022. His social media handles were banned from YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram as they did not follow the community guidelines. Even though he is banned, his videos and shorts are very much afloat on Instagram and YouTube. It is alleged that he insists his students at Hustler University float his videos on popular social media platforms. Following the cancellation, he moved on to Rumble, and within a short time, he earned almost one million subscribers on the relatively new platform. 


Who is Andrew Tate?


Born in Washington, United States, Andrew Tate was a four-time kickboxing world champion. His father, Emory Tate, was a chess player known for his do-or-die approach. As many have pointed out, this unique, fearless approach cost him the Grand Master title as he finished his chess career as an International Master. Following his father’s footsteps, Andrew Tate became a chess player and was crowned the Indiana state under 16 chess championship at age five. Recalling his victory, Tate said he became happy when the opponent cried after the loss in anguish. After his parent’s separation, Tate moved to Luton, England, with his mother and brother.


Kickboxer Turned Businessman cum Life Coach


Andrew Tate had a remarkable kickboxing career. He was a four-time World Champion with a stellar 78-9 record that consists of 23 knockouts. Andrew then turned to business and became successful. He owns Casinos predominantly in Romania and currently runs an online university named Hustler University(HU). His other money-making endeavors include webcam business, only fans manager, and top g merch. His net worth is around 350 million USD. He was called Top G ( Top Gangster) by his fans and followers, a term that Emory Tate, his father, coined. He urges men to embrace masculinity and is a staunch critic of woke culture. He urges his fans to follow in his footsteps and escape the matrix they are trapped inside. 


Controversial statements 


Andrew Tate is not a stranger to misogynistic pseudo-science comments and controversies. During his interview in Piers Morgan Uncensored, he claimed depression is not a clinical disease. “I feel that feeling depressed is real. I don’t believe depression as a clinical disease is real”, said Mr. Tate, much to the fury of Anchor Piers Morgan. In the same show, when asked upon his earlier remark that 18 and 19-year-old women are more attractive than 25-year-old women because they went through fewer dicks, much to the amusement of the anchor, he justified the remarks. Mr. Tate asked the anchor and his critics to watch the full video to understand the context rather than watching short versions of the same floating through YouTube and other social media platforms. He also made sexist remarks about women being a man’s property and described them as bad drivers. 


His brother, Tristian Tate, is also as controversial as his brother. He once called Priscilla Chan, the wife of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, one of the ugliest women who looks like a Vietnamese Manny Pacquiao. He, too, was banned from social media handles. Even though canceled from popular social media handles, Andrew and Tristian are very much on the internet, and according to them, cancellation only made them more famous. Andrew Tate had earlier allegations of sexual assault but later revealed that it was a sex play and done on mutual consensus. 

Andrew Tate recently moved to Dubai and embraced Islam, saying the west failed as a society. He is currently doing his podcasts in Rumble and teamed up with famous twitch streamer Adin Rose. He also challenged American YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul to a boxing match. Teachers' associations around the world vehemently criticize Andrew Tate’s outrage against women as these outlandish remarks are badly influencing teenagers. 

cover photo credits: Twitter-Cobratate

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