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Ariana Grande's 'Eternal Sunshine': An Evolution Beyond Loves Melodrama

Candid … Ariana Grande. Photograph: Katia Temkin


Oftentimes amid tabloid seeped media frenzies and personal drama prisms that so often reverberated throughout the music industry and are connected to figures such as Ariana Grande, it's very simple to lose sight of what we're really talking about. Her latest record "Eternal Sunshine" asks us all to remove our gaze away from her personal life and to sift a little deeper. Some details of Grande's work, though always personal to the artist, are more particularly embellished by the larger aesthetic and frame of the project in conversation Grande explains in detail during her interview with Zach Sang.


Recently Grande Grande and her fans celebrated the tenth anniversary of her debut album “Yours Truly”, acting almost like a timely reminder of Grande’s tenure as an artist and the milestones she has achieved in this time. Her latest album “Eternal Sunshine” is already 2024’s most streamed album in a single day, reiterating the fact that the moon child will not slow down anytime soon. For example the 90s R&B/Pop inspired gem "The Boy is Mine" and heart-string pulling  "We Can't Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)," which was most notable for its’ tear-jerking music video.


In two recent in-depth interviews with radio hosts Zane Lowe and Zach Sang, Grande spoke of her perspective on her connection with her own music. She didn’t explicitly come out and say that fans should not interpret her music based on ideas they have about her personal life, Grande thinks that music in general means different things to different people, Grande understands that her music has the power to evoke different emotions and resonate with individuals in unique ways.


This new perspective not only reflects the growth of Grande the artist but Grande the person. Her long awaited return as an actor playing Glinda in the musical remake of  “Wicked,” has played a major part in what we are hearing. She has spoken on how playing Glinda has healed her in so many ways. She draws parallels amongst her experience on set, and her journey as a musician; finding solace and inspiration in both.


Given that women are, oftentimes, disproportionately picked apart and harshly criticized regarding their choices, the pop star's decision to prioritize herself and her artistry despite media speculation and criticism about her personal life is empowering. By boldly going against the narrative imposed on her, Grande sends a powerful message of self-love and independence. Her resilience in the face of adversity serves as a source of inspiration for women everywhere, reminding them of the importance of staying true to themselves and their dreams and a message for all the fans to separate art from artist.


After years of entertainment as a child, Ariana Grande shows no sign of yielding to the trends of our generation, involving her as one of the most influential women in the business today. Everyone knows Ariana Grande. From albums “Sweetener” and “Thank You, Next”, Ariana is coming out stronger, more resilient, and more engaging with her predecessors. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks along the way, she has learned to be resilient and true to herself. Through her music, Grande continues to share her truth with the world, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for her legion of fans and upcoming artists.


"Eternal Sunshine" is more than just an album— as she shared in her interview with Zach Sang, it's a testament to Grande's experience with love and kindness even in the hardest and most heart-breaking times.


Edited by: Avanie Hiranandani 


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