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Austin Mcbroom And The Dangers of Promoting His Behavior

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In 2016 The ACE Family emerged as a community of family vloggers. At a convenient time when vlogging your life with young children has become extremely popular. The content started with Dolores Catherine Johnson Paiz, better known as Catherine Paiz; and her husband Austin Mckinley McBroom, better known as Austin McBroom; and their one child.


Over time, the family gained traction, along the way they had two other children and gained over 19 million followers across their social media. In the summer of 2022 the family even hosted a festival called “The Ace Family Fest” full of carnival rides, food, and even a chance to meet the family themselves. 


The family has been met with a lot of controversies over the years. However, the most recent one can seem a bit scary. On January 11, 2024, Paiz revealed through an instagram post that she and her husband of seven years would be separated. 


“We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably” a part of Piaz’s post on X social media platform states. Although Piaz has only spoken online about the divorce a scarce amount of times, McBroom has not done the same. 


McBroom has decided to post his day-to-day life on his public story on, a Y social media plattform with many people being concerned about his activities. Along with this, we can see many people poking fun at the way he is acting. 


There is even an account on another social media plattform with the username “@austinmcbroomupdates” that has reposted a lot of  content from his snapchat. However, there is not a lot of attraction regarding the perilous nature of some of his actions, especially when he is someone with such a major following. 


McBroom has not even kept any part of his divorce private, especially when he was looking for a new home. He, on his snapchat,  discussed his wish to be close to his children. He wished for a home close to them. 


When he failed to find a home for sale in the close vicinity, he decided to buy an RV to park outside his ex-wife’s home. When this caused him to receive a ticket, he proceeded to set up an alleged agreement with his ex-wife’s neighbor for the same purpose. 


This action on the surface can be viewed as something funny. However, this accounts for a form of stalking and entertaining such ideas can be extremely dangerous. Especially when discussing the amount of stalking and violence that occurs in women after divorce. For instance, the statistics put out by CU Denver News reveal  “81% of women who were stalked by a current or former husband”. 


McBroom also went too far to create a song titled “Still my Ace” where he recruited DDG, a well-known Rapper to rap in the song with him. In the song, they egg on these stalkerish tendencies. “You know that I miss you, I be watching you trees.” 


This can be an issue due to the fact that Mcbroom has a large following. Will his behaviors influence  his young audience? 


The ACE Family’s original audience was children. With the era of online activity we are in an age when almost all children are online. 


“YouTube tops their platform usage with 95% of teens using the site” said the New York Times.

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