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Babasónicos is rocking through Europe, United States and Latin America in their current tour.
On October 2nd, Babasonicos amazed Camden Lock Market with a lively concert. The Argentinean rock band was formed in the early 1990s; their first album, Pasto (Grass), was published in 1992, and they have been releasing music ever since. Their latest album, Trinchera, published in 2022, highlights all the strengths this band already possessed. While being able to experiment with some slower songs and different sounds. Members The lead singer, Adrian Dargelos, has an impressive vocal range. He is known for his rather high tunes while still in control of his voice. As the lead singer and frontman, he is the most memorable member. He often wears baggy clothes on stage and dances to the music. Carca is their lead bass player. Babasonicos has changed bass players a few times over the years and has clearly kept the best fit. His bass is powerful and welcoming in each song. Another crucial member of the band is Diego Rodriguez, the lead guitarist. Rodriguez has been nominated for the Grammys a few times. In 2010 for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Song and Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music. He was nominated again in 2014 for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Song. Diego Tuñón is their main keyboard, in charge of all the unique parts that make Babasonico’s music so identifiable. He has been with the band since the beginning, and fans can say it would not be the same without him. Last but not least, Diego Castellano plays the drums. Castellano has a very light hand with his drums, which allows the live audience to hear all the other instruments clearly. However, the drums are clearly heard despite his light hand throughout the entire concert. Setlist and venue Babasonicos played in the Electric Ballroom in Camden Lock Market, but the show was sold out. The Electric Ballroom is an all standing venue, allowing everyone to see clearly no matter where they are standing. Throughout the night, there were a few mosh pits in the most popular songs of Babasonicos towards the front of the crowd. However, all audience members were respectful and careful to ensure nobody would be injured. The show lasted two hours in total, yet felt very short for the audience as it was greatly paced. The setlist included “Mimos Son Mimos”, “Paradoja”, “Y que?” and “Microdancing” to start the night. These are all extremely popular songs by the band and were welcomed by the audience with open arms. Later on playing “Trinchera”, “Ingrediente”, “Anubis”, “Delectrico” and “Vampi”. Pairing some upbeat songs with some slower tunes allows the audience to catch their breath before the next strong set. Followed by “La Izquierda de la Noche”, “Sin Mi Diablo”, “Viento y Marea”, “El Colmo” and “Los Calientes”. These energetic songs included numerous mosh pits, with the biggest being “Sin Mi Diablo," one of the most iconic songs of the band. Then playing “Capital Efectivo”, “Carismatico”, “Yegua”, “Vacio”, “Mentira Nordica,"and “La Lanza”. Again, have some calmer songs so the audience can have some energy for the more lively songs like "Yegua,” which is another fan favourite. Finishing the night with “Bye Bye”, “La Pregunta”, “Como Eran Las Cosas”, “Putita” and “Irresponsables”. “Bye Bye” is known to be a more calm song, while the three ending songs are incredibly energetic and iconic songs of the band. “Como Eran Las Cosas” is arguably the most well known song in Babasonico's repertoire. Throughout the night, Dargelos was grateful to the audience for their great energy, loud cheers, and overall excitement. He even said that towards the end of the show, since he was having such a great experience, he wanted to stay in London forever. This was not possible, but the audience was moved by Dargelos words regardless. Tour The current 2023 tour is the largest tour launched by the band until now. A total of 23 concerts were held, including in Spain, Ireland, London, Israel, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Germany, France, the USA, and Chile. With an impressive amount of cities and countries for the rock band, we hope all concerts go as smoothly as London.
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