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Background noise or movie? Murder Mystery 2 climbs it’s way to the top

Murder Mystery 2 the anticipated sequel to Murder Mystery 1, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Begins with some funny gags that quickly degrade as the movie progresses. After all, it’s hard to joke around when there is so much action and things happening simultaneously.


“ Battling bad guys in a van careening dangerously through Parisian streets and dangling off the Eiffel Tower. As this film makes painfully clear, it’s hard to deliver one-liners while dodging bullets or running frantically.” said Frank Scheck from the Hollywood Reporter. 


The first movie gave viewers a coherent storyline that kept you glued to your screen, laughing, trying to solve a murder. However, in the second movie, we get a nonsensical mess that doesn’t deserve our focus and perhaps is better suited as background noise while we move about our house completing mundane chores. 


“For a certain brand of Adam Sandler films, you know what you’re going to get: something cheerfully lowbrow, easygoing and listlessly comforting when used as background programming. Such movies are what make the actor’s long standing partnership with Netflix perhaps too suitable a match, as the bulk of the company’s original content has been gradually cheapened to a similar brand.” said Brandon Yu from the New York Times. 


The whole movie feels like a stretch. It doesn't blend the elements of comedy with action correctly. Instead, it seems like the characters are stuck in a drug-infused dream where they might be funny. 


“The screenplay by James Vanderbilt — who previously demonstrated his non-comedic bona fides with such films as ZodiacWhite House Down and Independence Day: Resurgence­— leans heavily on strained gags and physical slapstick that mostly don’t land, unless you find such things as business cards equipped with dental floss inherently funny.” said Scheck 


Before streaming services, people would go to the cinema and watch movies. Now thanks to their accessibility and endless content, people can choose virtually any tv show or movie, but in the last few years, it seems people will watch any cheapened content these streaming giants put on their TVs. 


“As a kooky fantasy, it’s all fine, if just fine is what you’re after. But at what point does just fine become soul killing, or at least just soul numbing?” said Stephanie Zachzarek from Time magazine. 


It seems Netflix’s motto is now more focused on continuously pushing content and may be suffering from a quantity vs. quality problem. They put so much content out there, but it lacks quality or at least significant depth to keep you attached for a long time. Like a lover, you will unlikely continue going out after the first date.  


“If you throw up enough against the wall, something will stick, right? And this approach has only intensified as Netflix has begun experimenting with reality shows, documentaries, game shows and as much cheap unscripted material as it can get its hands on.” said Michael Tedder from the Street.a financial news outfit. 


Nonetheless, a Murder Mystery will resonate with streamers positively and might even perform well thanks to its two stars and cult following. 


“As they have in past team-ups, Sandler and Aniston maintain a charming mid career looseness, and have a palpable affability as a duo — one can sense the fun they had making such silliness, even if the result isn’t gold. You could do worse for something to turn on while making dinner.” said Yu.


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